Why It Might Be A While Before 'Motherland' Returns For Season 2

Christine Ramage/AMC Networks

Motherland opens with harried mom Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin) driving dangerously over speed bumps in an attempt to get her kids to school on time. This sequence sets the fast pace that continues throughout the show's seven-episode first season. The Sundance Now series follows Julia as she attempts to navigate life as a working mom — or mum, rather — and the sticky parental politics that come with that title. So ahead of its Season 1 finale on Thursday, June 14, it may be helpful for fans to know when Motherland is coming back for Season 2.

Originally a hit show on BBC Two, Motherland was acquired by Sundance Now and premiered on American TV in May 2018, per Deadline. Motherland has much in common with Catastrophe, another British comedy series about parenting, which stars and was created by Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. Horgan also co-created Motherland, along with fellow writers Graham Linehan, Helen Linehan, and Holly Walsh.

As for its actors, Motherland star Martin is known for period dramas like The Bletchley Circle, Death Comes to Pemberley, and Bleak House. She does a stellar job as a crazed, overwhelmed mom — in fact, Martin was nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Award for her role as Julia. Motherland also stars Lucy Punch as the image-obsessed Amanda; Diane Morgan as the cool, apathetic Liz; Paul Ready as Kevin, the overeager stay-at-home-dad; and Phillipa Dunne as gullible, compliant Anne.

One of the running gags in Motherland is that Julia's husband, Paul (Oliver Chris), is literally never home — at least not that audiences see. He's shown on the phone with his wife while doing various leisurely activities like watching an Arsenal game at the pub, going on a boat, and riding Go Karts. Julia, meanwhile, is always sweating, screaming, running around, and attempting to guilt her mom into looking after the kids (to no avail). Throughout the first season, Julia plans and hosts her daughter's birthday party, takes the kids to the pool, drops them off at school, and puts them to bed, all without Paul.

So when will fans get to see more of Julia's crazed, desperate antics in Motherland Season 2? Much like the show's subjects, the writers have a lot on their plate. Horgan confirmed in an interview with Digital Spy that Motherland will be coming back, but so far there is no set release date. "It's a bit of a logistical nightmare because there's quite a few writers on it," Horgan said, "so just getting us together and available at the same time but we're working it out, for sure."

Horgan does indeed keep a full schedule. She appeared in the 2018 hit comedy Game Night, starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. She also created and writes for the HBO series Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, and of course writes for and stars in Catastrophe, which is going into its fourth season.

As for what the subject of Motherland Season 2 will be, the writers hope to expand their horizons a bit. "We definitely want to get a few more mums in there," Horgan continued in the interview with Digital Spy. "We represented as many types without them feeling like types as we could, but I think there's more out there to explore and so many great comedy actresses to play those roles as well."

And it's fortunate that Motherland is returning because there are plenty of questions the show needs to answer. Will Julia ever find a nanny who isn't overbearing and controlling? Will Paul ever come home? Will Kevin's marriage survive this rough patch? And finally: Where does Julia get all of her amazing, yet understated outfits? Her blue mules alone are spectacular.

Fans will have to wait for Motherland's inevitable return to answer all of these burning questions. And hopefully by the time the series returns, Julia will have learned to slow down for speed bumps.