Obama's Memoir Won't Be Available For A While

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Barack and Michelle Obama made history last month when the price for the rights to their memoirs shot past $60 million. And now, the Washington Post reports that America's first black president has retreated to a private island in the South Pacific to start writing. He is expected to earn a cool $20 million advance for the project. And together all this post-White House news begs the question when will Obama's memoir come out?

Penguin Random House are the publishers lucky enough to release the Obamas' books, but the exact details on them are scant. He hasn't even started writing yet! In speaking to the New York Times, a representative for the publisher declined to confirm whether or not Obama's book would even be a memoir, much less the date it's out. But chances are good that the former president has a book about his life up his sleeve. He has already previously written one memoir, Dreams From My Father, and one book about his political convictions, The Audacity of Hope. And both were critically acclaimed bestsellers. In 2010, he even published a children's book dedicated to his daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Obama reportedly kept a journal during his time in the White House that could provide much material for his upcoming book with Penguin Random House. The most interesting part of the publishing deal, however, is that we'll have more than one Obama-penned book to look forward to. The former First Lady's separately authored book was included in the record-setting publishing deal. And not only that, but Penguin Random House will be donating 1 million physical copies of the books to First Book, a literacy nonprofit, and the Obamas will contribute part of their advances to the Obama Foundation.

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So though it may be a while before you can even think about pre-ordering the Obamas' upcoming books, they still have you covered with their past works. Aside from the former president's works, the former First Lady is also an accomplished author. She published her first book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, in 2012. Furthermore, in the past the first couple have released lists of their own favorite books to check out.

Demand for their books will likely only grow as time, and the Trump presidency, goes on. So chances are, after a very busy past eight years, they aren't feeling too rushed on it. But for those eager to hear from America's first black first couple, the wait will probably feel like a long one.