The GA Hoodie Is Very Popular


Man, those Good American products really are good. People were so anxious to get their hands on the first non-denim release that the piece sold out in just over an hour, according to the brand’s Instagram. When will the Good American Limited Edition Hoodie be restocked? Expect it to be available online sooner rather than later.

The Good Hoodie retails for $160 and features a large varsity letter across the front. You can find letters A-Z, and at the time of publication, all 26 letters of the alphabet were, indeed, sold out. But, according to Good American's social media accounts, the item will be back again on Feb. 23. You can even sign up to receive an email notification for the next time it’s online while you (impatiently) wait. The product was labeled as “limited edition,” so it’s nice to know that it will be up for grabs at least one more time!

Based on an Insta post, this is only the beginning of what the brand has coming. The caption reads, “Sign up for updates on the next drop and a WHOLE lot more.” Let me just say, if whatever they launch next is as popular as the jeans and/or hoodie, you’re going to need to start saving up now. Because you’re about to spend all of your money on everything this company has to offer.

"Soon" can't get here quickly enough.

Mark your calendars, people!

I seriously can't think of a better combo than a hoodie and pair jeans from this brand.

Some people were a little shocked by the $160 price tag.

But, plenty of people were willing to shell out the cash for this comfy piece.

Courtesy Good American

If you'd like to get your hands on the latest from Good American as soon as there's a restock, now's the time to start saving up. Because it'll be available again soon, and you've got to have your $160 ready!