Shows About Catherine Of Aragon To Stream While You Wait For 'Spanish Princess' Season 2


The Spanish Princess is nearing the end of its time, but history buffs will tell you that Catherine and Henry's story didn't end for decades to come. Still, since it was originally a limited series, it wasn't guaranteed that the Spanish Princess would return for Season 2. Luckily for fans, though, the Starz series is coming back for more of this star-crossed romance.

According to Entertainment Weekly, eight additional episodes of The Spanish Princess have been ordered that will star both Charlotte Hope and Ruairi O’Connor as Catherine of Aragon and the future Henry VIII. There's no release date announced, but look for it in 2020, most likely. However, these upcoming new episodes of the limited series are not being labeled as "Season 2," per se. The Starz network's COO, Jeffrey Hirsch referred to it as an "eight episode conclusion" instead.

“We are thrilled to tell the next chapter of Catherine of Aragon’s story as she negotiates war, politics and marriage to the most dangerous King of England,” showrunners Emma Frost and Matthew Graham said in a joint statement, again according to EW. “We look forward to concluding Catherine’s journey with [Starz].”

The Spanish Princess tells Catherine of Aragon's story in a way that we've never seen before. While you wait for that conclusion to hit Starz, why not check out some of the other ways this piece of history has been adapted? Here are some other takes on Henry VIII's first wife, and the many historical figures portrayed in The Spanish Princess.

The Tudors

The Spanish Princess takes a decidedly more feminist approach to Catherine of Aragon and the women of the Tudor court — if only because there are more women behind the camera, and in the writer's room. Henry is also, you know, not the protagonist. However, there's a lot to love in the juicy drama (and the casting) of The Tudors. In the early seasons, Catherine of Aragon is played by Irish actor Maria Doyle Kennedy.

Wolf Hall

There are reasons to watch Wolf Hall, which explores the Tudor court from Thomas Cromwell's perspective, other than the fact that a young Tom Holland is in it. However, it cannot be stressed enough that Tom Holland is in it. Willow star Joanne Whalley plays Catherine, and Claire Foy brings her signature withering looks to Anne Boleyn.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Sure, much like The Tudors, this is exactly the kind of dowdy, jealous portrayal Catherine of Aragon that The Spanish Princess is trying to correct and avoid — but the 2008 film does have a lot of future Avengers in it, and it's fun to revisit movies like The Other Boleyn Girl with newfound context and sympathy for Henry's first wife.


This Spanish series, available to stream on Amazon Prime, is about Catherine's mother and her infamous rule. Rachel Weisz also plays a version of Isabel in Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain.

Six: The Musical

While it may be some time before Six, a rock musical/histo-remix about Henry's wives, hits Broadway — it's already a cult hit with musical theatre fans, and has a UK cast album you can rock out to right now. Above is Catherine of Aragon's absolute jam, "No Way."

Got enough to hold you over until The Spanish Princess returns? The story of Henry VIII has captivated audiences for ages. There are so many perspectives and historical figures to investigate — and hopefully, after The Spanish Princess concludes, the future of historical dramas stays just as female-focused and fascinating.