'Thor: Ragnarok' Is Probably Coming To Netflix Soon & It's Necessary Viewing After 'Infinity War'

Walt Disney Studios/Marvel

After Infinity War tore everyone's heart to shreds, Marvel fans need something to lift their spirits. The best movie to turn to at times like these is Thor: Ragnarok, because the Taika Waititi-directed film is full of laughs. Fortunately, Thor: Ragnarok will probably be on Netflix either in June or July this year. Considering that Netflix keeps its upcoming additions strictly under wraps until days before they're added, though, you won't have a lot of time to mentally prepare yourself for Ragnarok's premiere. Still, the short notice shouldn't tarnish your excitement for the event, because the surprise element will undoubtedly lift your spirits even more.

Update: In May, Netflix announced that Thor: Ragnarok would start streaming on the site as of June 5.

There's no better way to start a new month than by discovering out of the blue the you can watch one of the funniest Marvel movies of all time. And it's especially needed now, after Infinity War's tragic ending. Basically, think of Thor: Ragnarok as a hair of the dog type cure to your Infinity War hangover. And while the 2017 movie's Netflix drop date isn't confirmed, past Marvel films have provided evidence that Ragnarok will drop in June or July 2018. As Netflix Life points out, other Marvel movies have taken eight months to hit Netflix after their theatrical releases on average.

But if you can't wait another few months to stream Ragnarok, you can rent it on Amazon or iTunes, for $5.99. It'd be a good call, because the movie won't only make you smile, but it might also help you understand Infinity War's dark, disturbing events a bit more. That's because of a detail in the comics that connect Thanos and Ragnarok's villain, Hela.

Although Infinity War didn't explore Thanos' relationship with Hela (played by Cate Blanchett), which had a big part in the comics, the character is still relevant. As you might know from Ragnarok, Hela is the Goddess of Death, and she posed a formidable opponent to Thor and his crew. Now if you think about Infinity War, you can probably guess that Hela's greatest fan would probably be Thanos, whose myopic goal in life is to kill off half of the universe's inhabitants in order to "restore balance." That's not to say that Thanos is incapable of love, though, as that heartbreaking scene with his adopted daughter, Gamora, reveals that he actually does have a soft spot in his heart. In the comics, however, Thanos actually loved Hela, and he even pursued her similarly to how he pursues the Infinity Stones.

According to Nerdist, Thanos courted Hela with souls and corpses as if they were flowers and candy. Prior to Infinity War's release, many sites had conjectured that Hela would be in the movie either as Thanos' girlfriend or to give an explanation as to why Thanos wished to complete his Infinity Stone mission. Of course, that didn't happen, but Hela and Thanos' comics relationship is still insightful. After all, it's hard to watch Thanos in Infinity War and not wonder, "What is this dude's problem?" If he was able to fall in love with a woman who's pure evil and the embodiment of death, that kind of gives you an idea of his character.

Also absent from Infinity War was Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie. Many fans were disappointed that they didn't get to watch their favorite drunken warrior join Thor in his attempt to defeat Thanos, so you will definitely want to re-watch Ragnarok in order to re-acquaint yourself with one of the best Asgardian characters. In fact, after Ragnarok, you might empathize with Valkyrie even more considering that the movie shows her in a bar, mourning the deaths of all her friends — after Infinity War, that's pretty relatable.