This Week’s ‘Catfish’ Couple Had Sketchy Beginnings, To Say The Least


One thing all fans can now say they've learned from MTV's Catfish is to stay away from strangers who want to blindfold, and then kiss you, even though you'll leave the encounter still not knowing what they look like. So yeah, the Aug. 29 season finale was a doozy. So where are Nicole and Nick from Catfish now?

At the three month check-in the show does at the end of every episode, both parties seemed to be doing pretty well, but it's clear they were not romantically involved. Nick said that he and Nicole "text back and forth here and there," but that he was single for the time being. Nicole echoed those sentiments, and said that regardless of the anxiety that accompanied her, she's glad she went on the show. "I think the show was the perfect thing for me to do because I was trapped in my own self," she told Nev and Max. "I'm me again. I'm happy."

Nick is understanding in the end, but he was still pretty upset throughout the episode. Nicole initially talked to him through the name "Jasmine," and used fake Snapchat photos from another girl to trick him about her appearance. She even had such bad anxiety over meeting him that prior to Nev and Max's intervention, Nicole invited him over, blindfolded him so he couldn't see her, and kissed him while he remained in the dark.

It's a really odd story, but judging by Nick's social media throughout the airing of the episode, he's ready to let bygones be bygones.

He was joking around with other Twitter users about his episode, tweeting his own commentary, and retweeting some of Nev's comments about how you should never judge a book by its cover. And even aside from his reaction to seeing himself on TV, Nick seems to be doing just fine. His social media profiles say he's a music artist and DJ, and some of his Instagram snapshots show him living it up and pursuing his career. There isn't a romantic partner present anywhere on his feed, either, so we can assume he's still living the single life.

Nicole, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to locate on social media. Nick didn't tag her in any of the posts he made while he livetweeted, and she doesn't appear to have publicly shared or commented on any promos from Catfish for the episode. Her last name was never divulged onscreen, nor any of her social media profiles, so there's a possibility she's either laying low, or being selective about who has access to her profiles.

If that's the case, it's totally understandable, especially since Nicole really seemed to want to work on herself, and that can be hard to do when you're totally submerged in the online world. She told the crew that she lied about her appearance because she isn't comfortable with how she looks, and doesn't feel very secure in herself. But she doesn't seem like a bad person whatsoever — just someone who got caught up in a situation that spiraled out of control — and her apologies seemed sincere. At the end of the episode, she appeared to be so much happier than she was when Nev and Max first met her, and hopefully, that trend continued long after filming concluded.