O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown's Kids Reportedly Lead Simple Lives Today

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When O. J. Simpson was put on trial for the alleged murders of his wife Nicole Brown and their friend Ron Goldman, the couple's two children — a son and a daughter — were fairly young. (Simpson was acquitted of murder charges.) In the aftermath of the brutal incident that shocked millions across the country, both children were quietly and quickly removed from the press' spotlight. But where are Simpson and Brown's kids today? According to several reports in different outlets, Sydney and Justin Simpson have been living simple lives after their mother's murder.

After the death of Brown, the children reportedly had a reliable network to lean on. Brown's family reportedly took the children away from media frenzy through a joint custody with Simpson. Sydney was reportedly only eight at the time of her mother's death, and Justin five or six. By the time the siblings were adults, they appeared to have made a decision to live simple lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to E! Online.

In a conversation with Radar in 2014, Brown's sister Tanya Brown said that the kids were grownups and were living content lives. "They’re in their late 20s," Brown said, "They’re professional. They’ve gone to college. They’re in relationships. They’re happy."

According to E! Online, the older of siblings, Sydney, pursued higher education at Boston University. At the institution, Sydney achieved a bachelor's degree in sociological studies from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences in 2010. This information was shared by the director of media relations Colin Riley in a report with E! Online.

After completing her bachelor's education, Sydney reportedly moved to Atlanta and then went on to live in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to media reports, the older daughter is reportedly a private person who does not actively seek media spotlight.

The younger sibling, Justin, has also remained out of entertainment news. According to E! Online, Simpson and Brown's younger son is a real estate agent working for Coldwell Banker Homes in Florida. Justin's reported Twitter account gives a good glimpse into his professional world. He appears to be passionate about his line of work with dozens of tweets home improvement, selling residential property, and more.

Primary Google searches of Simpson and Brown's children reveal nothing glamorous or controversial. From the looks of it, the couple's kids grew up to become well-adjusted, private, and sensible people — in spite of their mother's tragic death.