This Week's 'Catfish' Features A Celebrity Love Story — But With A Catch


Spoilers ahead for Catfish Season 7, Episode 21. Remember when Keyonnah recruited Nev and Max to help her meet who she thought was Lil Bow Wow, only for it to be the work of a catfish? How about when Spencer insisted that, for six years, he was chatting with Katy Perry? Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones who fell victim to a celebrity bait-and-switch. In the Dec. 12 episode of Catfish, Nev and guest co-host Nick Young cracked the case of Sheila and Love & Hip Hop's Rich Dollaz. The surprising part? She was corresponding with his verified Instagram account the whole time, it just wasn't Dollaz she was talking to. So, where are Sheila and Rich Dollaz now? Sadly, she won't be appearing on LHH any time soon, but that doesn't mean she'll stop watching.

Her love of reality TV is what got her into this sticky situation, and ironically enough, it's also what got her out. After watching a particularly emotional episode of LHH in which Dollaz poured his heart out about finding love, she was compelled to introduce herself, so she sent him a message on Instagram, ensuring a blue check lived next to his name. To her surprise, she received a reply.

"I was just like, smiling for the rest of the night," she said regarding his response. For eight months, they continued to chat two or three times a week. She tried giving him her phone number so they could keep in touch that way, but he ignored it. He also denied requests to video chat. And the most suspicious factor of them all? when he did send her a message, it was usually to ask for some X-rated content. Sometimes, Sheila complied, but it became excessive and, well, creepy.

She didn't want to believe Dollaz was a sleazy guy asking for nudes because she wanted a relationship with a man she looked up to in so many ways. That's why she asked Nev and Nick for help. They were admittedly perturbed by the verified account, but they knew something fishy had to be in the works.

After multiple attempts to uncover some concrete evidence around who could be behind the account, they resolved to simply sliding into Dollaz's DMs, just like Sheila, to ask for answers. Once again, to their surprise, they received a reply and met him at a local park. So in a way, Sheila got what she always dreamed of: she met Rich Dollaz live and in person. But she didn't like what he had to say.

"It's not me," he said. "It's my nephew, that's the guy you're looking for." Dollaz, being a busy 41-year-old and TV star, said he doesn't have time for social media. So he put his young nephew, Rove, up to the task, who took advantage of the power that accompanies the account, which has a million followers. He would reply to attractive girls who messaged Dollaz and ask them for pictures, or lead them to believe they were flirting with Dollaz himself in some way. To him, it was entertaining and even amusing.

Dollaz had no knowledge of what was happening on his account the entire time, and on the day of his meeting with Sheila, he reinstated his control. Sheila was hurt by the entire situation, but was glad to receive closure so she could refocus on her young daughter and aspiring career as a rapper. That's what she's continuing to prioritize now.

Her rap name is ILLA A, and she publishes songs to SoundCloud. According to her profile, she's releasing a mixtape soon. When Nev and Nick followed up with her after filming, she hinted that she was talking to another special someone with a blue check online, but she wouldn't reveal his or her identity. Of course, they were happy for her, but they cautioned her to tread lightly. Because, as they learned, that marker system isn't always perfect. As for Dollaz's nephew? Well, it's safe to say he learned his lesson — or at the very least isn't able to hide behind his famous uncle anymore.