ABC’s Reality TV Answer To ‘Lost’ Films On These Remote & Picturesque Islands

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If you think about it, ABC has really just been trying to find another Lost-type show since that acclaimed sci-fi series went off the air in 2010. Eight years later, the network may have found their answer in Castaways, a reality show where 12 contestants are stranded on deserted islands and left to survive. According to Newsweek, the Castaways stars don't know where they are, who, if anyone, is stranded with them, or how long it will be before the show's rescue teams will appear. But audiences aren't bound by such a lack of knowledge, so you can learn where the Castaways islands are before you settle in to commit to this Lost-reference heavy show. (There's a contestant named Sawyer, guys. He's pictured above.)

According to ABC, the islands are in the South Pacific, specifically Indonesia. The country lies between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean nearby countries like Australia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands, and is known for its uninhabited islets, making it the perfect filming location for a show about people being stranded by themselves.

The premise of Castaways is not unlike that of History's Alone, which isn't surprising since the Castaways showrunner Grant Kahler executive produces the History series. The latter films on Vancouver Island and features trained survivalists competing to see which of them can last the longest on their own.

In contrast, Castaways features regular, everyday people dumped on their deserted Indonesian islands and expected to survive with producer-planted washed up luggage, scattered food, and abandoned shelters. The trailer makes it looks like some of the cast may end up searching for "the others" (hello, Lost) to survive together. The stars can only leave the show if they quit, or if they make it until when the rescuers arrive. The catch is, they have no idea when that will be.

It's a test of human endurance, and these same types of Indonesian islands play hosts to tourists attempting to do the same all the time. According to Thrillist, you can book your own deserted island adventure through a company called Do Castaway (no affiliation with the movie or show). Some of their locations are Indonesian islands, and the New York Times reports that there are about 12 uninhabited islets in the region. (How perfect for the 12 stranded members of Castaways.)

The island scenery makes for stunning television. The first few minutes of the series depict the stranded cast members swimming over coral reef, sitting on beautiful, white sandy shores, and gazing out over the expanse of glittering blue water. But how pretty will they find it once the initial adrenaline wears off and they realize they're stuck out there for who knows how long? It's an interesting experiment for any person to endure, and ABC promises that viewers will learn more about this unique cast through flashbacks to their real lives. Because, again, Lost.

Tune in to see the human spirit prevail (or not, depending on how this whole thing goes), and sweeping shots of stunning Indonesian island scenery on ABC Aug. 7 at 10 p.m. ET.