This Cheese Advent Calendar Is The Only Thing You Need On Your Christmas List

by Madeleine Aggeler

Fall is here, which means some enthusiasts (and Mariah Carey) have already begun planning for Christmas. While most of us can't even begin to start thinking about the winter holidays until after we have finished observing the High Holy Fall holiday (Halloween) there is one subject which transcends seasonal limits. I'm talking of course, about cheese.

This year, a U.K. company called Norseland, Ilchester has ensured our holiday season will be even cheesier this year, by launching a cheese-filled Advent calendar. An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count down the days until Christmas. Many of them have little windows or boxes for each day which contain little treats like, in this case, cheese. The 24 windows contain five different kinds of the brand's cheeses, including Applewood, Mexicana, and Jarlsberg.

Delicious, right?! Unfortunately, this is something of a good news-bad news type of situation. The bad news is, this particular cheesy Advent calendar is only available at the U.K.-based grocery store chain Asda (where it only costs £8!) Heartbreaking for those of us outside the U.K., I know. The good news is though, there are so many other ways to enjoy cheese during the holidays!

The craftiest among you could build your own Advent calendar and stuff it full of cheese, or, if that's not really your style, here are some extremely cheesy holiday gifts.

Cheese Christmas ornament

Cheese Ornament, $10, Amazon

What better way to spruce up your Christmas tree/Hanukkah bush/chair you wrap in Christmas lights than to hang some sparkly cheese on it?

Cheese platter

Platter, $24, Amazon

This platter is a great way to display your cheese at parties, and let your friends and family know that you are a sophisticated adult who is mature enough to own a cheese platter, and knowledgable enough to know other types of cheese besides Kraft Singles.

(Unless of course you choose to serve only Kraft Singles on your cheese platter, which is a boss move I support 100 percent.)

Grilled cheese earrings

Earrings, $15, Amazon

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, you know what would really pull this outfit together? Grilled cheese earrings. Same! Finally, our cheesy fashion dreams can become a reality, with these teeny tiny earrings, which are the epitome of dairy-based style.

Cheese blanket

Blanket, $34, Amazon

Most people have never bathed in a tub full of cheese, and that's awful. Fortunately, we can now pretend to with this cozy fleece cheese blanket. Finally, we can experience what it would feel like to be one of the cheese-smothered chips on a plate of nachos.

Cheese tote bag

Tote, $23, Amazon

Tote bags have increasingly become statement pieces, a way to tell those around you on your morning commute what you're all about. A New Yorker tote? We get it, you like jazz. An NPR tote? You probably only shop organic. Let people know what really matters to you with this straightforward yet powerful "I <3 Cheese" tote.

Cheese cookbook

Cookbook, $17, Amazon

While cheese is always delicious on its own -- sliced off of a wedge, scooped up on a cracker, or bitten into like a apple -- there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate it in various dishes. "The Great Big Cheese Cookbook" can help you up your game, and diversify your cheese portfolio.

Fondue mugs

Mugs, $13, Amazon

One of the best parts of fondue is that its a communal, social experience. That can also be one of the worst parts of fondue. If you'd like to enjoy dipping carbs and meat into melted cheese on your own, grab a pair of these personal fondue mugs. But be careful before you curl up with them on your couch -- they are a bit of a fire hazard.

Or a regular cheesy mug

Mug, $11, Amazon

If the fondue mug seems impractical, but you would still like your cups to convey your strong feelings about cheese, get this mug that really lets the people around you know what's up.

Cheesy phone case

Phone Case, $10, Amazon

Whether you're suffering through an unendurably long meeting, texting a lame guy on Tinder, or just listening to music on your commute, this mac and cheese phone case will bring gooey, cheesy goodness into your day.

Cheese making kit

Cheese Maker, $25, Amazon

Not content with eating cheese someone else created? You can make your own at home with this cheese-making kit. You can use it to make mozzarella, goat cheese, queso fresco or mascarpone in as little as 20 minutes.

Fig spread

Fig Spread, $12, Amazon

Here's a quick lifehack for you - spreading fig jam on top of a wedge of brie makes you seem fancy AF. Present it on that new cheese platter you bought, put some grapes and nuts around it, and suddenly you're the premiere party host of your friend group.

Cheese journal

Journal, $10, Amazon

If you are a true cheese connoisseur, you probably want to keep track of the different varieties you've enjoyed. This cheese journal is a good way to record which cheeses you like best, and which ones may be too funky for your tastebuds.

Wine and cheese cooler bag

Bag, $60, Amazon

This wine and cheese cooler bag is the Ferrari of picnic baskets. Insulated to keep two wine bottles cool, and with wine glasses, napkins, a corkscrew, cheese knife, and cutting board, it has everything you could possibly need for an afternoon spent picnicking in the park.

Cheese poster

Poster, $18, Amazon

What better way than to broadcast your love of cheese than with this beautiful poster? Full disclosure: My parents have had this exact poster hanging in our home for approximately 500 years, and I spent many an hour as a child trying to memorize the different types of French cheeses. And though I don't think I need to clarify, no, I was not a very popular child.

Cheese cloche

Cheese Cloche, $19, Amazon

I know this may be blasphemous to say, but there will come a day when you simply cannot finish all of the cheese in front of you. When that day comes, you will feel scared, confused, and possibly angry. Still, it's important to conserve the leftover cheese, and what better containment vessel than this cute cheese cloche!