Where To Best See The 2017 Strawberry Moon

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Phil Walter/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As if summer full moons aren't dazzling and bright enough, June's full moon is seriously extra. Being big and glowy and highly visible wasn't enough for June's moon, it had to go a head and get a pink tint and cutesy name, too. You're going to want to know where you can see the strawberry moon this June 2017, because it's going out of its way to impress you.

While the June moon does indeed have a pink tint to it, that's now how it gets its fruity name. The pink tint is merely a result of the moon's apparent low position in the sky from our viewing point on the northern hemisphere. The lower it is, the more coloration illusions it takes on and thus the prettier it is for us to see. That said, the strawberry moon got its name from the Algonquin tribes who used the June moon as a harvest tracker.

In June, the Algonquin tribes looked to the moon as a reminder that it was time to go out and gather their ripened harvest before it got too ripe or the animals got to it. And what's most ready to be picked and enjoyed due to peak juicy deliciousness? Strawberries — they're best enjoyed in June! So there you have the title drop. However, it other places of the world where strawberries are not native or the moon appears more gold than pink, it might be known as the honey moon or the rose moon.

Either way, the June full moon is considered a pretty romantic moon. One might wonder which came first, all the those June weddings or all of those rosy, glowing June moons and the tradition of the honeymoon?

If you're intrigued, and planning on catching a glimpse of that first summer moon in all its pinkish lovely glory, you're going to want to mark your calendar for June 9, at 9:11 a.m. ET — yes, that's right. The moon will be most full early in the morning and hopefully, weather permitted it will be totally visible and dreamy looking against the morning sky. Obviously, if you have access to a mountain top and feel like a nice early morning hike, you should definitely do that because that's going to be your best bet for an unencumbered view of the strawberry moon. But if you can just run up a mountain side, you can just go outside and look up. If you live in a heavily populated city with a lot of light pollution, you'll probably want to make your way somewhere a bit more residential, even if it's just the quiet side of the city you're in. The less neon sighs and lights, the better you can see what's in the sky.

And of course, if you're having trouble finding the moon or don't have time to stargaze, just head over to Instagram, there's a solid chance your friends have captured it for you.