This Temporary Tattoo Company Lets You Copy Celebrity Tattoos For Less Than $2

It seems that there is news almost daily of a celebrity walking into a tattoo parlor and walking out with fresh ink, and if all of these new micro-tattoos have inspired you to get your own, then you're in luck. You can now test-drive your favorite celeb tattoos in a non-permanent way. Celebrity INKED is a line of temporary tattoos that lets you try out your favorite A-lister tats for a couple of days, all without an appointment or the commitment.

The new line is part of INKED by Dani Temporary Tattoos, which are upscale hand-drawn tats by artist Dani Egna. Her designs come in an assortment of black and white, glitter, and color options, and are the perfect accessory for any outfit. "A must-have for music festivals, at the beach and pool, or for everyday wear, INKED by dani is the next big thing in the temporary tattoo scene!" the website reads.

But before you start envisioning kitschy temporary tattoos from your childhood — the kind where you pay 25 cents into a gumball machine and a Looney Tune tat comes out — think again. Egna's tattoos are minimalist, often times dainty, and very on-trend and stylish. And now she has branched out her designs to not only include her own creations, but copies of celebrity ink.


The collection features 11 packs of temporary tattoos inspired by popular A-listers like Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgen, and Ariana Grande, where Egna focused on bringing the micro-tattoo trend in Hollywood to the rest of the world. Think small sparrows, lightning bolts, and L.A. and New York coordinates.

"I looked at the shapes, sizes, and overall designs for inspiration, and focused on creating temporary tattoos that are super chic, wearable and easy-to-apply whenever, wherever," Egna told Teen Vogue. And all for $1.50 a pop, making it a super affordable accessory.

Check out some of the selections below.

Minimal Mini Set

Rad Mini Set

The World Map

If you love the micro-ink trend that your favorite celebrities are getting but aren't quite sure if you're ready to make such a permanent commitment with a style you like, then these celebrity temporary tattoos are a perfect compromise. Take your favorite pick, apply it to your skin with water, and you will have your ink for a short two weeks before moving onto the next trend. It's no risk and all reward.