Where Can You Buy Hailey Baldwin's Stoneman Douglas T-Shirt? The Top Was A Highlight At The iHeartRadio Awards

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Fashion has the power to fight back. It can raise awareness, funds, and open conversation for everything from presidential elections to women's rights. As Teen Vogue originally reported, Hailey Baldwin wore a Stoneman Douglas High shirt to the iHeartRadio Awards to raise awareness for gun violence. Although the exact style has yet to be found, there are ways to get a tee that gives back to a great cause.

Red carpet awards often get a ton of fashion attention, but Baldwin's Stoneman Douglas High shirt is a trend that just about anyone can get behind. The black shirt with white lettering might have been simple, but it made a big statement. Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was the site of a mass shooting on Feb. 14 that left 17 people dead and countless more injured. With the March For Our Lives coming up on Mar. 24, celebrities like Baldwin have been speaking out about gun violence — verbally and sartorially.

The shirt not only shows that Baldwin is supporting the high school, but gun violence in general. It's an example of how fashion can be used to support a bigger cause. Of course, the model has been vocal about her support as well.

"Sending all my love and prayers to the families affected in Florida. More lives lost due to gun violence.. I don’t understand how this is still happening after all the horrifying tragedies we’ve witnessed! My heart is in pieces today," she wrote on Feb. 14, the day of the school shooting.

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Baldwin wore the shirt on stage for the opening of the iHeartMusic Awards. It's not clear where the shirt is from or if the proceeds from the purchase went to the high school or an organization that supports survivors of gun violence. Because, let's be honest, spreading the message is great and all, but it's even better if the proceeds go to an organization that supports the message on the shirt.

The iHeartRadio Awards also had one of the Stoneman Douglas High School student that survived the shooting on the show to raise awareness for the March For Our Lives protest. If you're looking to support the cause sartorially, there are tons of different options that will have you looking great and give back to the cause.

Stoneman Douglas High School actually started selling their own shirts to raise awareness and funds. According to USA Today, the school's shirts, which read #MSDStrong, have already raised $180,000 for the school. This isn't the same one that Baldwin was wearing, but it does make the same, if not even bolder, statement. The top has the school logo on it and the hashtag on the back.

Whether you're looking to find a great shirt for the March For Our Lives or are just looking to spread awareness for gun violence, there are tons of shirts to choose from. Bonus points if you pair the tees with sparkly pants like Baldwin did.

#ParklandStrong Shirt

Stoneman Douglas High School

Stoneman Douglas High School is selling their own #MSDSStrong Shirts to benefit the school. According to USA Today, the school has already raised $180,000 through the shirts.

March For Our Lives Shirt

March For Our Lives

There's also the opportunity to donate to March For Our Lives and wear spread the message sartorially. You can buy this shirt and multiple other accessories on the organization's website. All the proceeds go to the cause.

Eagles Sweatshirt

Stoneman Douglas High School

Or you can opt for the school's mascot crewneck. The money goes to the high school and the is similar to Baldwin's fashion statement.

March For Our Lives Bandana

March For Our Lives

Want to get even trendier? You can snag this bandana from the March For Our Lives website before the big day.

Wear Orange Shirt

Every Town

Blue isn't the only color that you can stock up on to wear to the march. The EveryTown organization is also raising awareness through fashion and are encouraging people to wear the items to the March For Our Lives.

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Although only five percent of proceeds from this are donated, this is still a great way to spread the message from the Parkland student's speech.

There are tons of different ways to wear your support on your sleeve. You might not look exactly like Baldwin, but you will be raising awareness and giving back all at the same time.