IHOP's New Clothing Line Includes Pancake Pants

Courtesy of IHOP

Loungewear is getting a fun upgrade courtesy of your fave pancake place. IHOP's PancakeWear by IHOP is here and it's hot off the griddle. The IHOP merch collection is all about comfort and it features just three items — so it's a short stack. You can literally get your pancake "on" with these pieces.

PancakeWear is part of IHOP's "60 Days of Giving" campaign. Therefore, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each piece of clothing will benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and the more than 10 million patients who are treated at these centers. So this merch is doubly sweet.

This IHOP fashion collection is limited edition and is offered in both child and adult size options. That way, wearers can make familial fashion statement with the super comfy pancake pants ($39, adults; $29, kids), the onesies ($85, adults; $50, kids), and the ultra cozy socks ($15).

If breakfast is your favorite meal — and it should be, since it's first and it's usually delish!— you so need to rock these pancake pieces. The IHOP fashion range can be purchased as a full collection or individually via the restaurant's live eBay store.

You can proudly display your love of hot cakes by wearing any or all of the PancakeWear. You could even don the comfy pants on a Saturday or Sunday morning when you've just rolled out of bed and are heading to casual brunch with friends or fam.

Courtesy of IHOP

In fact, IHOP is encouraging its guests to come into locations wearing the on-brand loungewear while enjoying some yummy, buttery, and syrupy breakfast. The restaurant heartily suggests that anyone who nabs the PancakeWear post photos while wearing the pieces on Instagram and Facebook using the #PancakeWear hashtag. Oh and BTW: Coolest. Socks. Ever.

Courtesy of IHOP

"Breakfast and laid-back loungewear just go together at IHOP, so we thought it would be fun to design a limited-edition merchandise collection that reflects the spirit of the brand and what we see in our restaurants all the time — people in pajamas enjoying pancakes," Stephanie Peterson, Executive Director, Communications at IHOP, said in a press release received by Bustle.

Courtesy of IHOP

"PancakeWear by IHOP was launched to celebrate our 60th anniversary as a brand, but also to do a lot of good for our largest charity partner Children's Miracle Network Hospitals," Peterson continued. "A portion of proceeds from every sale of our breakfast-inspired one pieces, lounge pants, and socks directly supports CMN Hospitals and the more than 10 million kids that are treated every year at their 170-affiliated facilities."

Not only will you look adorbs when rocking these pancake pants but you will also passively be doing good. IHOP is aiming to raise $5 million for children's charities that work to treat and stamp out life threatening illnesses.

Courtesy of IHOP

The two-month campaign started with IHOP National Pancake Day in late February, which was a one-day donation event. Now, the PancakeWear has officially arrived. The pieces will start shipping on or before March 26 and they will be available until stock is totally sold out. So don't delay in scooping up these sweet pieces, which feature pancake, bacon, eggs, and coffee graphics. Anyone else's stomach growling?

Who knew that pancakes and IHOP could be so fashionable? You will so want to live in the zippered onesie when holed up in the house on any remaining or future chilly days.

Courtesy of IHOP

Or, at the very least, you will want to roll up to your local IHOP and enjoy some pancakes in your PJs. Just be sure and share a shot of your snazzy breakfast-inspired gear on socials since it might inspire someone else to purchase and further the cause.