Where Can You Buy Katy Perry's Scented Jelly Sandals? Your Feet Are About To Get Fruity

Katy Perry Collections

Katy Perry isn't simply a singer, entertainer, American Idol judge, and fashion influencer. She is also a designer with her own shoe line, dubbed Katy Perry Collections. The range is kitschy, kute, and thoroughly Katy. Her aesthetic is felt in fun, non-subtle details, such as heels shaped like Xs and Os or cigars. Now, Katy Perry released scented summer jelly sandals, named "The Geli."

The Gelis look exactly like what their name implies. They are a modern update of the beloved jellies of the '90s. They come in bright, fruity colors — watermelon, lemon, and peach, among others. The toe thongs are slices of fruit that match the color and name of the shoe.

But Perry took things a step further — literally — by adding scents. The product description explicitly states that "everyone's favorite jelly sandals get a scented, tutti fruitti makeover perfect for tropical adventures and beachside cocktails."

While you probably want to inhale a whiff of these jellies once you take them out of the box and after you wipe them down from a long day of summer wear, the concept and execution are decidedly Katy Perry.

Each strappy pair is $49 and can veritably take you from the beach to the a backyard BBQ. You can wear them on a night out. They are adorbs enough for any and all summer activities.

The Geli Watermelon

The Geli Watermelon

The material is PVC and the sandals come with an ankle strap. The strap adds a dose of sexiness to their overall cuteness.

The Geli Lemon

The Geli Lemon

When life hands you lemons, you can definitely make lemonade. Or you can wear lemon sandals on your feet.

The Geli Orange

The Geli Peach

Life is peachy. Your feet will be the same all summer — thanks to this footwear. Those toe thongs, though! We cannot decide which is the cutest. Therefore, we are awarding them all a tie in the "Cutest Shoe of Summer 2018" standings.

The Geli Grape

The Geli Grape

Grape is great — and everyone's shoes should smell like fruit.

The Geli Strawberry

The Geli Strawberry

Who doesn't love a delish strawberry? Now you have one... for your feet.

The Geli Lime

The Geli Cherry

The Geli Cherry

Now that's a cherry on top! Who needs a hot fundge sundae?

Courtesy of Katy Perry Collections

Here's a 360-degree view of the fragrant footwear, which is such a sweet upgrade from regular ol' flip flops. The standby shoe of the summer is about to have its throne usurped.

Are you squealing over how freakin' rad these sandals are? You can wear them on so many occasions. They will pair wonderfully with destroyed and tattered jean shorts and a tank. Or you can slip them on with an LBD for date night and they'll add just the right pop of color. Throw them on with your bathing suit and rock 'em at the beach. Only one thing is for sure — you will be living in these jellies this summer.

As for the smell? Well, we're not sure how long the scent will last or when it'll wear off. Whether or not you want to sniff your footwear after you take it off is entirely up to you. It's probably a good idea to wipe them down after you wear them — since sweat and sweet fruits don't sound like delightful olfactory mix.

Of course the internet had lots of feelings about the Katy Perry Geli sandals.

This user is all in with the scented shoes.

This user is all about the multiple elements of nostalgia implicit in these sandals.

Others are legit confused about the fact that the shoes smell. It's also an understandable reaction. But to each their own, right?

Scented shoes are not new, BTW. High end designer Vivienne Westwood created fragrant footwear a few years back.

The scented jelly sandals are a hot topic of convo among KatyCats. They are as kitschy as they are confusing. But they are also undeniably wearable. Go ahead and match your pedi polish to your Katy Perry jelly sandals all summer long.