You Can Own The Pink Pajamas From Kylie Jenner's Baby Shower — But It Will Cost You

Kylie Jenner kept her baby bump strategically shielded from public view for the entirety of her pregnancy. The makeup mogul also managed to pull off another impossible feat. She had a fashionable baby shower beyond the prying eye of the press. Jenner wore silky, millennial pink pajamas to her baby shower. All of her friends and family wore matching white sets — because cute and cozy sleepwear isn't just for bedtime anymore.

PJs are indeed outerwear. Fashion trendsetter Rihanna has worn them on them red carpets and beyond. She always looked chic (and comfy) AF. The same can be said for Kylie's baby shower pajamas.

While the KarJenners usually share images from fetes and family gatherings on their socials, details of Jenner's baby shower remained tightly under wraps. It was a private affair until the new mom released the 11-minute YouTube clip documenting her pregnancy journey. It featured plenty of footage from the heavily pink event, including her big sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Kendall wearing loose-fitting PJs while enjoying sweet treats and each other's company.

The custom pajama sets were designed by Corey Lynn Calter. The L.A. brand sells the Sienna Silk Cocktail Pajamas for for $356 on its website. That silhouette is super similar to the one worn by the shower attendees.

The gang is all here and it's decked out in cozy pajamas. While north of $350 might seem super pricy for PJs, this isn't merely attire for under the covers. It's fashion-y loungewear designed for so many activities other than sleeping.

Courtesy of Corey Lynn Calter

Sienna Silk Cocktail Pajamas, $356,

This gorgeous and utterly chic apricot set is made of 100% silk charmeuse. It's about as close as you can get to the version Kylie and ko. donned. The brand touts the PJs as appropriate for a night out or in. It's the details make these jammies stand out. They feature hand-crocheted buttons and contrasted piping, along with a sash that has multiple styling options. The sash can can be tied at the waist, around the neck, or fastened in hair.

Courtesy of Corey Lynn Calter

If you add gobs of necklaces, stacks of bracelets, and a pair of strappy heels, you'll glamorize these PJs. They are easy to dress up. However, you can add some fuzzy slippers if you plan to simply Netflix and chill. Both occasions warrant this ensemble.

Courtesy of Corey Lynn Calter

The fabric's luxurious sheen is balanced by the loose fit. You get all of the comfort without sacrificing any of the style.

Jenner and a fellow pregnant friend were twinning in their PJs while posing for pics in front of a massive wall of pink flowers. Jenner's super long black locks and bling added a dose of glam.

This vantage point offers a bit of a look at Jenner's long-concealed bump of love.

The bump was on full display and sheathed in silky pajamas.

Jenner and her BFF Jordyn Woods engaged in a loving bestie hug in their matching outfits. While Jenner is known for rocking leggings and crop tops that show off her curves, she went for the sweet 'n' comfy look at her shower. She still rocked figure-hugging outfits that called attention to her bump, as evidenced in the mini doc.

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

The Afterhours Satin Pajama, $72.50,

If $350 for versatile PJs is bit out of your budget, Victoria's Secret has a budget-friendly option that's equally as fashionable. The black details pop against the sweetness of the millennial pink hue.

Twitter was all about Jenner's epic baby shower.

Once again, the KarJenners set the tone and the trend and it trickled down to their loyal fans. Jenner's friends and fam celebrating her pregnancy in matching sleepwear was gloriously extra. The look is also easy to copy so go ahead and get yourself some silky pink sleepwear.