The Lemonade-Scented Palette EVERYONE Has Been Waiting For Is Finally Out

Courtesy of Maybelline

If you are a makeup enthusiast who is thirsty for color, especially on your eyelids, this palette will quench said thirst. Maybelline's Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette is finally available to purchase. The 12-pan palette features matte and shimmery neutrals in super creamy textures — there are pinks, browns, golds, and more in all sorts of tones. There are warm shades and vibrant hues. You can mix and match — or mix and matte — for days.

Not only will you get saturated pigmentation, but the lemon fragrance will awaken your senses when you apply it. There has truly been an online "craze" surrounding this palette. That's because the colors are universally flattering, wearable, and buildable. You can do a wash of color on lids for a soft, diffused look or layer multiple shades for a dramatic, smoky presentation. It's truly versatile and that has resulted in immense and advance popularity.

The internet has been eagerly anticipating this citrus-scented collection, which is exclusively available online via and Ulta's website. Lemon lids are in your future.

Another bonus? The Lemonade Craze eyeshadows were crafted with wet technology. That means they are super bright and will stay put for hours. Due to the inescapable heat and humidity of the summer, you need an eyeshadow that is going to withstand such conditions.

Plus, all of the season's super trendy colors are available in a single, convenient, and totable palette.

Courtesy of Amazon

If you for some reason don't want to purchase the Lemonade Craze Palette without testing the colors against your unique skin tone, that's totally acceptable. Sometimes, you need to see makeup IRL before committing your dollars. Here's the good news. The palette will be available at drugstores nationwide as of June 2018. Lemonade Craze will cost $13.99 when it launches in stores.

Are you already planning your summer makeup looks?

When Lemonade looks this good, you'll be hoping and wishing that life will hand you more lemons. While we're not sure who else besides your significant other will be getting thisclose to your lemon-scented eyelids in order to sniff them, the aroma can still lift your spirits during your morning makeup routine.

Lemonized lids are the first big trend of Summer 2018. There are so many potential color combos with this palette. You could legit use it daily from now through August and never replicate the same look. That means you should hit pan on most shades. But these hues pretty much beg to be swiped on lids until there is nothing left.

Twitter has been abuzz about Lemonade Craze for weeks now. The fanfare accompanying the debut drop has been wild. The range of colors, the price, and the scent make it a "must own."

This user makes a valid point. While there is only one true — and quite bold— yellow, the palette is inspired by a variety of delish drinks that define the summer season. Remember, there are pink, strawberry, and other flavor lemonades, too.

That color, which is the palette's namesake, magnetically draws the eye. Adventurous makeupistas can use it as an all-over wash or as a bold base shade to accompany a fierce, feline flick. Or it can be utilized as an accent shade — line your lower lashline or pop it in the inner corners for some additional, unexpected "BAM!"

The wait is over. Expect tons of Lemonade Craze looks fill your Insta feed stat.