BTS Just Released A Makeup Line & It's ICONIC

Pop star makeup collabs are nothing new. But when was the last time a celeb-inspired product range was this freaking cute? K-pop band BTS and VT Cosmetics created another K-Beauty collection that is peak cuteness. It's their second collab and you will want to own every single product in the extensive suite.

In case you are not familiar, BTS is a seven-member Korean pop boy band that is taking America and the world by storm. So it makes sense that the group would capitalize on its ever-increasing fame with a fresh assortment of adorably packaged products for fans. Seriously, the confectionary packaging features B21, which are the cartoon avatars associated with each member of BTS.

The containers are so whimsical that you won't want to recycle them once you hit pan. Instead, the designs will inspire you to get creative and repurpose them in a decorative capacity.

BTS x VT V. 2.0 includes eight matte lipsticks, since velvet-look, precise lips remain all the rage in 2018. There are eyeshadow palettes with six shades, foundation, CC cream, and more. The collection also boasts cushion compacts, because squishy, spongy, and self-contained skin tone-correcting products are incredibly popular in the K-Beauty realm.

The new BTS x VT Cosmetics collection arrives on Friday, Oct. 12 via the brand's site. Unfortunately for BTS and K-Beauty fans, the brand does not currently ship to the U.S. Therefore, actually procuring these products will not be easy. You will be relegated to either gawking at them via Instagram images or making a third party purchase, which can get expensive.

Check out these lid swatches and the wash of color that the shadows add. Those are some pretty banging neutrals.

This shimmery, pink-toned palette is so pretty.

Whip out one of these lippies and it's guaranteed to start a conversation. Those tubes are the summit of cuteness.

But what's inside the tubes is equally as wow-inducing. The colors pop. Wear any of these hues and they can be your entire makeup for the day. Go with a bare face, a light coat of mascara, and you will still look glam AF.

There are also some super wearable neutrals that melt into your pout in the collection. It's full of "Mwah!" moments.

The collection is also chock full of face products — from tinted foundation to luminizers.

Who can resist a foundation with a mischievous, millennial pink bunny staring at you from the cap?

If you need to even out your skin tone, have at it.

This collection truly is full service for the face and provides the tools to achieve a smooth, even canvas.

These babies are cool AF.

Cushion compacts are basically the equivalent of flattened beauty blenders saturated with product.

You might have to scoop 'em all up — even if only for the decorative tops.

Cushion compacts really should become more popular stateside.

Here's the collection in one place. Try not to overdose on this heaping helping of sweetness.

The boys of BTS effectively captured their aesthetic in these products. If you can't get your well-manicured mitts on them, you may have to settle for savoring the VT Insta for now.