This 'I'd Rather Be Masking' Shirt Will Become Your New Skin Care Uniform

by Kali Borovic

Every skin care lover knows the ingredients for peak relaxation. It's a combination of great products, time, and a comfy outfit. Well, this new collab give you two out of three with one purchase — now all you need is time. Origins and clothing brand Richer Poorer teamed up for a new tee embellished with the phrase 'I'd Rather Be Masking.' The trendy shirt comes with Origins products that you can use while you wear it, making it the perfect pampering package.

Pinch yourself, because it's a beauty lovers dream come true.

The Origins and Richer Poorer's 'I Rather Be Masking Shirt' isn't only reserved for midnight masking. You can rock the tee all day, then come home and use the second half of the collab pack to mask away your troubles.

That's right, my friends. Not only will you get a super comfy, 100 percent organic cotton tee, you'll also get two mini-sized masks to go with it. The limited edition collab is available on the Richer Poorer website and comes with Origins' Drink Up Intensive and Clear Improvement Masks. Because when fashion and beauty collide, magic happens.

Richer Poorer x Origins End Of Summer Care Kit, $38,

If this isn't a match made in heaven, then I don't know what is. Of course, the collab will cost you. You'll get all three items for $38. That breaks down to about $12.60 each.

Considering Richer Poorer's signature cotton tees are normally $34 each, I'd say that this is one heck of a bargain.

Although neither brand has said how long these adorable tees will be around, they did mention that the collab is limited edition. As of Aug. 16, all sizes — extra small to large — are currently in-stock on the Richer Poorer website.

And, of course, you'll still be able to buy the full-size and mini masks all year on the Origins website.

Origins Drink Up Intensive, $27, Origins; Origins Clear Improvement Mask, $27, Origins

Richer Poorer x Origins End Of Summer Care Kit, $38,

When people get wind of this adorable collab, there's no doubt that it will be flying off the virtual shelves. So what are you waiting for?