This Oreo Lip Balm Smells EXACTLY Like The 'Stuf' Inside The Iconic Cookie

Courtesy of Oreo

If you love Oreos, lip balm, and leggings, well, you're in luck. Those three things might not seem related on the surface but the brand has figured out an ingenious way to connect the cookie with cosmetics and clothing. Oreo lip balm is a thing, as are Oreo leggings, courtesy of this super unique and month-long promotion that aligns the digital and delicious worlds.

The "Stuf Inside" promotion that the iconic and delicious cookie brand has created runs for the next month leading up to National Oreo Day, which is March 6 for those of you keeping score at home. Go ahead and make a note in your calendar or your iPhone so you can celebrate with your fave Oreo variety and a towering glass of milk on that glorious "holiday."

Now, about that creme-scented lip balm. Oreo has created a whole host of items across multiple categories — there's also a Jonathan Adler cookie jar, Grado headphones, and a tricked out, Oreo-themed Jeep Wrangler, among other things. New items will be made available every day from Feb. 4 through March 6. You can't buy them — you can only win them.

This highly covetable balm and other Oreo merch are supremely limited edition. Each item is available for one day only through The Stuf Inside and Oreo sites.

Courtesy of Oreo

The Oreo lip balm will be available as a prize on Feb. 15. The lippie is was created in conjunction with Taste Beauty and was obviously inspired by the very best part of an Oreo cookie — the sweet crème inside aka the "stuf." The lip balm and other items were designed to celebrate the The Most Stuf Oreo, which has, well, the most stuf inside.

Courtesy of Oreo

The Oreo-print leggings from Terez will be available on Feb. 13. These awesome fashion and beauty items bookend Valentine's Day, too.

Here's how to snag the luscious and lip-loving balm and these luxe leggings. Pay attention because it might seem a little complicated — at first.

"The Stuf Inside" promo uses image recognition technology to turn the "twist, lick, and dunk" ritual of noshing on an Oreo into an online experience for fans. While the act of eating a yummy Oreo cookie is a wholly sensory and IRL experience, these daily, Oreo-themed prizes turn it into something a little more digital.

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Oreo lovers should visit The Stuf Inside site starting Feb. 4 to learn how to scan a single, eligible Oreo cookie with a mobile or tablet device, which will reveal an animated Oreo cookie. They will then twist open the animated Oreo to unlock the prize of the day and see if they've won.

Here's the rest of thee fine print that you need to pay attention to. Participants can enter once per day during the promotion period. New prizes will appear and be given out daily in both the U.S. and Canada during the promotion. For official rules and the rest of the fine print, and to play, go to the Oreo site.

Courtesy of Oreo

No, you can't purchase the lip balm or leggings outright. But you can win them. It'll still be a chocolatey and creme-y thrill to try and score them.