Where is 'Bachelor' Contestant Jaimi A Chef? Nick's Contestant Is A Culinary Whiz


As I am sure everyone has surmised by now, some of the contestants' jobs on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are decidedly unique. Honestly, it's sort of the running pop culture joke when it comes to colorful careers, isn't it? But, that isn't true for all the contestants. Case in point, Jaimi King, who is competing on Season 21 of The Bachelor, is a chef. I bet now that you have that information in mind, you're wondering where The Bachelor's Jaimi is a chef, aren't you? It's cool, I'm an endlessly curious being, too.

By the looks of it, King is incredibly ambitious and prolific when it comes to her culinary career. Though she doesn't explicitly state where she works on her social media accounts, she does allude to being employed by multiple venues. Yes, that means she likely has more than one job.

Another interesting tidbit that King's social media accounts reveal, is that she dabbles in both the savory and sweet side of cooking. Despite being listed as a chef, King has an Instagram account dedicated entirely to incredibly creative custom cakes, called MsKingCakes. This would insinuate that the reality show newbie is both a chef and a baker. Which, kind of makes the rest of us one trick ponies look kind of bad, now that I'm thinking about it. *Takes up new hobby*

But, back to the logistics of where she blesses people with her cooking talents. As per her bio and online presence, King lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As evidenced by the caption in the picture above where she writes, "The restaurant, from inside the kitchen ❤️ #josephineestelle #acehotel," she likely works at Josephine Estelle, a restaurant in the Ace Hotel in New Orleans. Further evidence that this is King's place of employment? An even more eyeopening and cheeky behind the scenes photo of "Rubbed Butts" where she also tagged the hotel's location.

In addition to Josephine Estelle and the Ace Hotel, King references that she is a bartender at Le Bon Temps Roule.

The restaurant is listed as a bar and grill, but it's unclear whether King sticks strictly to mixology when working here or not. While those seem to be her two main gigs, if you count her cake making business, King actually has three jobs.

Honestly, the real question should be, where isn't King a chef? It's quite clear that this Renaissance woman is endlessly skilled.