Prepare For Major Vacay Envy When You See Where 'Death In Paradise' Is Actually Filmed

Death In Paradise/BBC

Who ever thought a show that was like a combo of A Place In The Sun and every decent crime drama with a tinge of comedy would be such a hit. Duh, everyone. Anyhow, Death In Paradise is the escape you need and I am not being funny but those schedulers over in BBC know exactly what they are doing putting a show set in such a sunny climate on in dreary old January. But where is Death In Paradise filmed? And does Ryanair fly there because OMG, yes please.

So the show is set in a beautiful little Island called Saint Marie, mainly in the island town of Honoré. Well guess what y'all those places are actually made up. I know right? Santa Claus vibes RN. The island is supposed to be in and around a mere tenth of the size of nearby Guadeloupe. Well guess what y'all it is actually filmed in Guadeloupe, the Radio Times reports.

Saint Marie is supposed to be British Overseas territory. However said territory is supposed to have only become British in the '70s, having been French before, meaning a large portion of the made up island are French. That covers their butts regarding all the extras being French, because Guadeloupe is actually an overseas region of France.

The airport is Pointe-à-Pitre and I can confirm that sadly Ryanair does not fly here. It is kind of pricey to get to, but I guess if you are up for buying way in advance and a pretty long flight, this is the one for you.

Guadeloupe is collection of islands in the Caribbean and is butterfly-shaped. DI Jack Mooney played by actual Father Dougal, actor Ardal O’Hanlon, is the head of the local police in fictional Honoré. He is the third detective who has starred in the show. They don't seem to last long in the job before kicking the bucket, tbh. The lion's share of the filming in this made up but cute AF town is in the northwest of the Basse-Terre Island, in a town called Deshaies, according to Radio Times.

OK but tell me that farmer's market is real because I want to go there. Erm, y'all that too is made up. I know, devved.

Death In Paradise/BBC

However local attractions like the Botanical Gardens are used as locations, the Telegraph reports, as is the flipping hotel that the crew is based on for each season. I know right, how the hell do we get a job working on this show? Yep the crew and some of the cast chill out — I mean work — from Langley Fort Royal Hotel. The hotel even stars in some of the episodes too.

But maybe you can stop down Catherine's bar for a refreshing tipple? Or take a few photos down by the beach shack? Or even outside the station?! Nope, not really. The bar is actually a made up spot on filmed on a wooden deck on the town beach at Deshaies, turns out the beach shack is constructed each season, and y'all the flipping station is actually a church hall.

This season has a new location, Saint Marie Zoo, Metro reports, which is an actual zoo. I guess it's pretty hard to fake a zoo, and this one is in fact Zoo de Guadeloupe. If the location isn't enough for you, the storylines will have you hooked. So sit back, drink something tropical, and take yourself away to a beautiful Caribbean island. At least in your mind.

Watch Death In Paradise on iPlayer and also BBC One on Thursdays at 9p.m.