Gary Condit Wrote A Book About His Side Of The Chandra Levy Case


When Chandra Levy vanished 16 years ago, attention quickly turned to Representative Gary Condit. According to People, police ruled him out as a suspect, but there were allegations made by Levy's parents that the married politician had allegedly been having an affair with Levy, then a 24-year-old federal government intern. Condit denied the allegations (and still does today), but the event nonetheless weighed on his career. And now, as TLC's Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery thrusts the case once again into the spotlight, it's worth asking: Where is Gary Condit now?

At the time of Levy's disappearance in 2001, Condit was a Democrat representing Levy's hometown of Modesto, California. According to CNN, authorities claimed that Condit allegedly admitted to the alleged affair during police investigation and that they'd matched him to DNA evidence collected from Levy’s underwear in her apartment. But, as ABC News reported, Condit has always maintained in interviews that he had no romantic involvement with Levy or anything to do with her death.

In 2010, an undocumented immigrant named Ingmar Guandique was convicted for Levy's murder. He'd always maintained his innocence and the charges were dropped last year and his conviction overturned due to "unforeseen developments," NBC reported. The U.S. Attorney's office said in a statement "that it can no longer prove the murder case against Mr. Guandique beyond a reasonable doubt," and Guandique was deported to his native country of El Salvador, where he remains.

In the decade following the scandal, Condit has largely pulled back from the public eye. He lost his house seat in 2002 — just weeks after Levy’s skeletal remains were found near a trail in Washington, D.C.’s Rock Creek Park. Afterward, he moved to Arizona and invested in Baskin-Robbins stores. According to a 2012 article in The Washington Post, however, those stores later failed. The Post also reported that Condit had written a book, which eventually came out in 2016. Titled Actual Malice, it documents his side of the Chandra Levy case.


In 2012, Condit briefly returned to the press circuit when he and his wife, Carolyn, supported their son, Chad, in his unsuccessful bid for Congress. Updates about what Condit has been doing in the intervening years are few and far between. But, perhaps the TLC special will prompt him to speak out on the case again.