Here's What Justin Guarini Has Been Up To Since 'Idol'

by Ashley Rey
Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With American Idol alums, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson, making headlines across the web, fans are reflecting on where all the other songbirds who graced the singing competitions's stage wound up. Like, how is Ruben Studdard? Oh, and Clay Aiken... whatever happened to the blue-eyed soul singer? Most recently, I was able to answer the burning question on so many minds: "Where is Justin Guarini now?" It seems like he's made a point to keep his life more low-key than other alumni. But according to his personal website, Guarini has done quite a bit since his American Idol days.

In fact, the former Justin and Kelly star (remember that?) has been pretty busy leaving an imprint on the world of music. This totally should come as no surprise, considering he was the first runner-up to Idol's greatest success story, Kelly Clarkson. I, for one, would be distraught if he refused to let the world bask in the sweet sounds of his incredible voice.

On a more surprising note, the Idol alum has added even more titles to his résumé — including that of actor, father, and husband. Yep — Guarini is all grown-up from his early 2000s debut. To see just how much, here's a round-up of what the singer is up to now.

He's A Family Man

The singer married his junior high sweetheart Reina Capodici in 2009 and started a cute, blended family. His wife has a daughter named Lola from a previous marriage, and together, the couple has two sons — William and Asher, ages 6 and 4, respectively.

He Has A Dr. Pepper Commercial

If you thought for a second that Guarini hasn't been collecting those coins, you're wrong. The singer is keeping busy, and he has a very hilarious national commercial to show for it.

He's An Experienced TV Host

According to his personal website, the singer has taken on the role of host a time or two during his day. Guarini covered celeb news on Idol Wrap, Idol Tonight, and with the TV Guide Network between 2007-2011. So don't be surprised if you see the American Idol alum gracing the the stages of your favorite after-shows in the future.

He's Appeared On Broadway

Guarini recently showed off his pipes on Broadway in a show called In Transit. He's also appeared in Wicket, American Idiot, and more.

But, Most Importantly, He's Still Singing

Yep, the talent has a total of three albums to be exact — released in 2003, 2005, and an EP on its way set to be released soon.

It's nice to see that Guarini is still pursuing what he loves most.