The Percy Weasley Actor Has Come A Long Way Since 'HP'

by Mary Kate McGrath

While every Harry Potter fan had their favorite character, every true fan also had a favorite Weasley. Maybe it was the mischievous Fred or George, or the dragon-taming Charlie, or the hospitable and valiant Molly. Chances are it wasn't uptight Percy, who was a bit of a rule follower, to say the least, and even went to the dark side for a brief moment. Since Percy was likely not to be your fave member of the Potter universe, it might have been a while since you thought about Chris Rankin, the actor who played the character in the Harry Potter films. The red-headed actor was perfectly cast for the role, but what's the man behind Percy Weasley up to these days?

After the Harry Potter series concluded, Rankin stepped away from the screen. Most of his roles after the films wrapped were on stage, appearing in various theatrical productions in the UK. According to IMDB, Rankin appeared many plays throughout the mid 2000s including Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Wuthering Heights, and Hedda Gabler. However, after a decade acting, Rankin made a career change. These days the actor finds himself behind the scenes, and now works in TV production.

While Percy may have stepped away from the stage, his career hasn't quite had a vanishing spell put on it yet. The actor has embarked on an equally exciting career. In 2015, he was a production secretary on on the BBC show Atlantis, and he was an assistant production coordinator on the popular series Downton Abbey. He often posts photos with his fellow production team members on Instagram, and seems to be thriving.

Rankin is pretty active on social media in general, and updates both Twitter and Instagram often. In his Twitter bio, he describes himself as "That Bloke from Harry Potter | TV Drama Coordinator | Food & Drink Lover | Traveler | Kiwi | Collector of Stuff." Rankin also keeps a blog, and on it has a pretty extensive FAQ for anyone wondering about his whereabouts. The star explained why he left acting in one ost.

"Many people have asked me recently about why I’ve moved from acting into production. The answer isn’t easy - but in a few words (well, maybe not a few…) here’s the answer: Performing makes me insanely happy. It always has, and it ALWAYS will. Especially being on stage. There’s nothing more exciting then walking out in front of hundreds of people and showing them how much you love your job," Rankin wrote. "Performing, however, is an incredibly tough lifestyle to take on. There are serious ups and serious downs."

The star also explained his path to working on TV shows. When Percy Weasley wasn't set to appear in the sixth Harry Potter film, Rankin went back to school. He has a degree in Media Production from Lincoln University, and started working hard on shows shortly after graduating. While Rankin will always appreciate his time in the spotlight, he seems equally passionate about his work on TV series.

Of course, Rankin will never truly leave the world of Harry Potter, or the stage, behind. He often gets up and sings at events, and there are videos on his Instagram to prove it. The production assistant is also a regular at many fan conventions, where he is always more than happy to answer questions about his time in the HP world.

When Rankin isn't busy working in the production office, blogging, or out on the convention circuit, he has a pretty full life at home. The star seems to be happily married, and lives with his wife and their adorable dog Stanley. Check out Rankin's Twitter to see what he's been up to since his Potter days, but stay for those Stanley updates.

While it looks like Rankin's muggle life seems to be going swell. Amazing job, check. Adorable puppy, also check. Great friends and fam, check and check. This list would make any prefect proud.