Here's Where Roy From 'The Office' Is Now

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The obvious chemistry between Jim and Pam on The Office made the ongoing presence of Roy in the show's early seasons even more taxing. He was Pam's lackluster, indifferent fiancé, and it became clear that he wasn't exactly the passionate love of her life. Though Roy was frustrating —  that was the intention of his character. Roy created such perfect conflict, and the actor behind him played the part of a thoughtless, exasperating boyfriend so well, even becoming downright complex near the end, that it was clear he would be a success long after he left the show. So where is the actor who played Roy on The Office in 2018?

David Denman, the man behind Roy, has put a number of shows and projects under his belt since wrapping The Office, and viewers of the comedy have likely seen him again in one capacity or another. He had a stint on the hit NBC drama Parenthood in 2013, this time playing "the other man" himself, throwing a wrench into an existing relationship on the show. Denman also flexed his movie star chops when he appeared in the 2016 war drama 13 Hours, and he was accompanied by a familiar face. John Krasinski, his old rival Jim on The Office, was his co-star in the project.

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He's certainly shown that while he may specialize in guest arcs and one-offs on popular shows — also appearing on hits like How to Get Away With Murder and Mad Men — he has his sights on movie roles as well. He recently appeared in 2017's Logan Lucky alongside a slew of huge names like Adam Driver and Channing Tatum. He's also one of the stars of Puzzle, which was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in January, according to Denman's Instagram account.

Professional success isn't the only exciting update in Denman's life recently — he's also a family man. In January, he and his wife Mercedes Mason welcomed a baby boy. He and Mason, who stars on Fear The Walking Dead and whom Denman has been married to more than three years, according to the Daily Mail, shared the news on social media.

"Caius Kane arrived 1/10/18 Happy and Healthy. Love this little man so much," Denman wrote on Instagram. "We finally understand that love that no one can put into words. We’re all on cloud 9."

Denman has a great family, and is enjoying all the things that come with a healthy career. His photos on Instagram also often show him traveling and attending sporting events, and spending time with his fam.

Fans of Roy and Denman's other roles will be pleased to know that though he's dipped into some drama following The Office, he's open to all genres of acting. "I went to acting school, and I went to the Julliard School Of The Arts and basically studied classical theater, and we did a little bit of everything," Denman told the AV Club in 2011. "We did comedy and drama and improv as well, so my background is pretty fluent in both sides. It’s funny, because before I did The Office, most of the stuff I’d done on television were drama guest stars, and most of the movies I’d done had been comedies. I like doing comedy, and I’m comfortable with it, but I also have a lot of fun doing dramas."

Fans must be glad to have ample opportunity to see Denman around in some of everyone's favorite movies and shows. Roy easily could have been just a one-note character who viewers loved to hate, and sure, that's what he came down to much of the time. But Denman and the writers still brought some humanity to him in his later appearances, and ultimately redeemed him as a good guy who felt badly about how he'd acted toward Pam. It can't be easy to make viewers empathize with a character like Roy, but Denman pulled it off, and it's that acting complexity that continues to make him a joy to watch.