Where Is 'The Bay' Filmed? The New ITV Crime Drama Takes Place In A Setting You've Never Seen On TV Before

'The Bay'/ITV

When it comes to murder mysteries, the setting is always just as integral as the suspects and the storyline. Broadchurch would be entirely different without its coastal setting, all of those Scandi noirs would feel a lot less eerie without those glacial shots and the teeth chattering brought on by the bitter chill. And in ITV's upcoming crime drama The Bay, location is hugely important — as its name may suggest. But where is The Bay filmed? According to the show's writer, it takes place in a setting you've never seen on TV before. So get ready for a murder mystery like no other.

As the The Bay's writer Daragh Carville (the mastermind behind BBC3's Being Human, and the Rupert Grint starring film Cherrybomb) recently told Good Housekeeping, this new show is set in Morcambe Bay, which, according to him, has never had a "TV show set in that area."

Morcambe Bay is an area in Lancaster, and, according to its official tourist site, the bay "stretches from the south west coast of Cumbria to Fleetwood in Lancashire, taking in coastal towns such as Grange Over Sands, Morecambe and Heysham." The site goes on to state that Morcambe Bay is home to some of "the most beautiful coastline in Britain."

'The Bay'/ITV

As revealed to Good Housekeeping, Carville himself lives in Morcambe Bay, so his very own town inspired the show's setting. You'll get to see much of the coastal town as Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong — the show's lead, played by Morven Christie — tries to solve the disappearance of two local teenage girls, before discovering that she has a horrifying personal connection to the case.

As the show's executive producer Catherine Oldfield told BT ahead of The Bay's premiere on ITV1 at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20, she and Carville were keen to put Morcambe on the map. Oldfield said:

"No one’s ever set a drama there and it is an exceptionally beautiful place. When [writer Daragh Carville] said it was set in Morecambe, which he can see out of his writing room on the top of a hill in Lancashire, where he lives, it was a no brainer. There was no point looking anywhere else. Morecambe was it."
'The Bay'/ITV

Oldfield and Carville were also inspired to set their drama somewhere a little niche, since — as an infographic that recently made the rounds on social media informed them — so much British TV seems to nucleate around the same areas. "It was a map of the UK made up of TV shows. London was dense with show titles; Glasgow had Taggart, Liverpool had Brookside, Manchester had tons of things. The whole country was covered in drama and comedy except this corner that I happened to live in around the bay,” Oldfield relayed to BT.

ITV/The Bay

Will its under-the-radar setting, The Bay is sure to established its own identity and unique selling point straight off the bat, while also balancing out the grisly and traumatic nature of the show with astounding beauty.

This show is set to make you feel breathless on so many different levels.