Here’s Where Evicted ‘Big Brother’ Jury Members Go To Monitor The Game

Sonja Flemming/CBS

At the beginning of every Big Brother season, eliminated houseguests get to go home right away once they say their goodbyes and go through their exit interview with host Julie Chen. However, starting around the halfway point of the season, those who get eliminated become members of the jury and get sequestered in a different house for the remainder of the season. But where is the Big Brother jury house, exactly, and when will we be able to check in on the departed members of Season 20?

According to Reddit user babyface1968, the jury house is typically located in the same spot for each season in Chatsworth, California. For those in need of a little geography lesson, Chatsworth is a neighborhood in the northwestern San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. Thanks to the help of Google Maps, a quick search of the area shows that it's roughly a 27-minute drive from Studio City, which is where Big Brother is filmed. That would make sense, given that producers wouldn't want the eliminated members to be too far away from all the action. Even the satellite images that come up on Google for the address seem to match the jury house shown in past seasons, thus making the alleged jury house location seem fairly legit.

That being said, CBS has made a point of keeping those details under wraps, so it's hard to say with absolute certainty where the jury house is, but odds are it's around the Chatsworth area or somewhere equally close to CBS studio.

It's important to keep the jury members near by, considering that while their time in the Big Brother house may be over, they still have a very important role to play when the end of the season comes around. When only the final two houseguests remain, it's up to the jury to decide who deserves to win the grand prize of $500,000. This is a big part of why having a solid social game is so important. You could go on to win every the competition and physical challenge in the season, but if you've made a lot of enemies, you could wind up with a very bitter jury who votes against you out of pure spite. (Just look at what happened to Paul Abrahamian not once but twice!)

As of right now, the only members of the Big Brother 20 jury are Bayleigh and Rockstar. Odds are viewers will eventually get to check in with them and see how things are going. Since the evicted houseguests are able to watch the aired episodes from inside the jury house (but not the live feeds), it'll also be interesting to see what they end up thinking about their former houseguests as everyone's true colors and Diary Room confessions continue to come out.

Season 20 could still be anyone's game, making the winner impossible to predict. But when it comes to strategy, let's hope the remaining houseguests keep the jury in mind moving forward. It could mean the difference between winning and getting really close.