Goop Is Opening Up Their First Beauty Pop-Up

From vaginal steaming and jade eggs that go up your you-know-what to sex dust and conscious uncoupling, Gwyneth Paltrow has made some arguably outlandish recommendations for living a life of wellness. But with all of these questionable methods, she's also created a business that keeps growing, both in company size and in customer base. Case in point: On April 29, Goop will be opening the doors of its first beauty pop-up, which means you can check out all these beauty tips and products in person.

The lifestyle brand will be opening Shiso Psychic (by goop), which is based off of Goop's second signature scent, Shiso, and this will be its first pop-up dedicated entirely to beauty with its focus on the fragrance. According to WWD, this space will be inspired by the scent's mystical qualities. Made with shiso leaf, patchouli, oak moss, and palo santo, the perfume retails for $165 and candles for $72 (in true Goop fashion, no less).

So where is this mystical pop-up shop, you ask? Shiso Pyschic will be open on 252 Mott Street in New York City, for all of those who are in the area. The space will embody Japanese minimalism with greenery hanging from the ceilings. Plus, there will also be a clairvoyant on-site to do customer readings. Who's ready to check out Goop's latest fragrance and other beauty products? While you're at it, sure to visit the clairvoyant on-site to do customer readings.

The Shiso scent supposedly creates "clairvoyance."


Goop Eau de Parfum: Edition 02 - Shiso, $165,

I'm definitely going to wait to check out this perfume, but it could be worth the splurge!


Goop Scented Candle: Edition 02 - Shiso, $72,

Maybe the candle is a better buy.

Goop is very transparent with this scent's ingredients, which includes shiso leaf, patchouli, oak moss, and palo santo.