Here's How You Can Adopt An Animal From The Shelter Seen On C4's 'The Dog House'

by Aoife Hanna
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The Dog House/Channel 4

Dogs are a man/woman/humxn's best friend. Whoever first said that was spot on the mark. For most people, the idea of having a dog is kind of the pinnacle of it all. The thing we all dream of while reading tales of scrappy mutts that totally pull at your heartstrings. Or, let's be real, while involuntarily lunging at every dog that passes you on the street saying "DOGGY!" And when it's time to one day take a plunge, you'll want to adopt, not shop, from a place like Wood Green. So where is Wood Green dog shelter? Because, guys, they are about to hit your screen and you may well fall in love.

The charity is based in Cambridgeshire. More specifically, they're located on at King’s Bush Farm on London Road in the town of Godmanchester. And these guys care not only for dogs but a whole menagerie. Wood Green is one of Europe's largest animal shelters and they help pets from all over the country find their forever home and the love and life that they deserve. Ugh, don't, this is too lovely.

The charity has been in operation for more than 95 years and continues to go from strength to strength. They pride themselves not only on keeping their animals happy, healthy, and ready for new homes, but also on their support for owners pre, post, and during the adoption process.

Wood Green's vision is indicative of how important it is to consider not only the owners' needs, but the animal's as well.

As their website states:

"We aim to find the right home for every animal in our care. We endeavour to support anyone who needs help in caring for their pets. We work hard to provide the best expert advice to pet owners. We value our volunteers, staff, supporters, and our partners."

Oh, what a dream it would be to be a fly on the wall of such a wonderful place! Well, guys, that dream is actually becoming a reality thanks to Channel 4. Because a show all about their amazing work is coming to our screens very soon.

The Dog House is an eight-part series about the dog section of the Wood Green charity. Focussing on dogs who, up until this point, sadly haven't received the love and care that they truly deserve. The show will follow the 60-strong team on the ground at Wood Green and their endeavours to try and open these dogs' hearts to the lovely homes that they deserve.

The Dog House/Channel 4

Apart from rehabilitating them and caring for them, the team's ultimate goal is to re-home the pups. Which is obviously going to be a tear jerker for a gazillion reasons. Not only happy tears but also sad ones to see their carers say goodbye to them.

According to Cambridgeshire Live, the crew used fixed rig cameras to follow the dog's progress from coming into the shelter up to (fingers crossed) them finding their furrever homes.

OMG it's too much to even handle and yes I will obviously watch this entire series.

And, if you yourself are interested in re-homing any adorable of the animals currently living at the Wood Green shelter, and you have the resources to do so, then head over to the 'Find A Pet' section of their website to begin your adoption journey.

Watch The Dog House on Channel 4 from Thursday Sept. 5 at 8 p.m.

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