Cop Ariana Grande's Women's March Attire


Ariana Grande is a powerful vocalist. Whether she’s got a microphone in her hand or she’s just speaking out in support of issues cares about, her voice will be heard. According to her Instagram account, she’s part of the Women’s March on Washington, and of course, she’s repping the cause in the most fashionable way possible. You, too can buy Ariana Grande’s “Fight Like A Girl” sweatshirt featuring a depiction of Malala Yousafzai.

Grande has proven to be an advocate for animal rights and especially for women. She penned a powerful letter regarding sexism, which she posted to Twitter recently, proving that she’s using her celeb status for good. She posted to her Instagram Story on Jan. 21 wearing a sweatshirt that read, “Fight Like A Girl” and had Malala Yousafzai’s face drawn on. Yousafzai is an activist known for standing up for women’s right to education in Pakistan and has been granted a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts, so clearly, Grande picked the right feminist to draw inspiration from during her marching efforts while in D.C.

According to the Instagram post, you can purchase the exact same sweatshirt from a company called Feminist Apparel. As the brand name suggests, they have a ton of pieces with empowering messages available online, many of which benefit various causes. The one Grande sported, specifically, will cost you $44.95 to add to your closet.


Here's Grande's Women's March attire.


So cool to see Grande repping a huge feminist icon such as Yousafzai.

This is one of Grande's outspoken tweets regarding the objectification of women.

According to Instagram, she's marching with some fierce women by her side.

Courtesy Feminist Apparel

Fight Like A Girl Sweatshirt, $45, Feminist Apparel

If you want to cop Grande's swag (and who wouldn't?!) you can purchase the same sweatshirt from Feminist Apparel.

Courtesy Feminist Apparel

Femme Ain't Frail Tee, $30, Feminist Apparel

The brand's got a bunch of other cool gear on the site, too.

Courtesy Feminist Apparel

Pizza Rolls Not Gender Rolls Long Sleeve Tee, $40, Feminist Apparel

Once you pay this site a visit, there's no way you'll leave without quite a few pieces in your cart, and your wardrobe will be all the better for it.