Benefit's Hoola Lite Is A Pale Girl's Dream

When it comes to finding bronzers, pale girls can have a hard time. As someone who is always the lightest shade in every foundation, bronzers have long been a source of concern for me. Now, however, Benefit's Hoola Lite is available, and it's a pale girl's dream come true. For fair skinned ladies, there may no longer be any concern about whether a powder is going to look orange on the skin or if you'll look muddy after you try to bronze up your face. Thanks to Benefit, the solution may be here, and you can already snag it.

According to popular Instagram account TrendMood, Benefit's Hoola Lite is exclusively available at ULTA Beauty. The lightened up version of Benefit's cult favorite Hoola Bronzer rings in at $29 — the same price as the original. As for the size, it's identical to the original as well. If you've tried Benefit's Hoola but were concerned it was just a bit too dark, Hoola Lite is at your service.

Currently, the newest Benefit Product is exclusive to ULTA. If you want to snag it, you'll need to head over to the ULTA Beauty website. It seems like fans of the brand are already doing just that.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Lite Matte Bronzing Powder, $29, ULTA

Benefit fans on social media are already looking to see tutorials and reviews of the new product, and some have already started swatching the product. Clearly, a lighter version of Benefit's original Hoola was needed.

Pale ladies seem especially excited for the launch — myself included.

Even before the product launched, fans were stoked.

It's truly a gift for the pale women out there.

If you want to snag Benefit's new Hoola Lite bronzer, head over the ULTA Beauty website. It may just be the answer to all your pale girl bronzer problems.