Beyonce Just Dropped 'Homecoming' Merch That Commemorates Her Iconic 2018 Coachella Performance

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Coachella has essentially become a new fashion category this spring and fans are loving it. Beyoncé has dropped a Coachella-themed merch line to commemorate her Netflix documentary Homecoming. The athleisure apparel capsule (available in sizes S through 2XL) boasts graphics related to her her now-iconic 2018 performance aka "Beychella," which is prominently explored in the doc. The line is currently available via Beyoncé's online merch store.

Ultimately, if you ended up missing some of your favorite pop stars at the popular California festival this year or last, you can resort to watching YouTube clips and/or shopping the related merch drops to put you in the moment. While Grande's Coachella capsule was limited to just a handful of pieces, Beyoncé's is a bit more expansive. There are various designs on different colored tees, crop tops, tanks, and hoodies. There are phone cases, binders, and wrapping paper, as well.

You should reserve about an hour of your day since you'll need ample time to browse and decide which pieces to incorporate into your closet and your life. It's a full service collection that suits all of your Beyoncé needs.

Beyoncé's Homecoming collection starts as low as $40 and goes as high as $115.

Below are seven pieces to shop right now.

1. Wheatpaste Pullover Black Hoodie

You can never own too many black hoodies. Why not add another to your rotation with this version, which touts the Beychella performance dates? It's more than just a hoodie. It celebrates an epic moment in Bey's artistic history.

2. Panther Cropped Black Sweatshirt

This crop top is one of several in the collection, and gets right to the point.

3. Collage White Tee

The white tee features a collage design nodding to Beyoncé's 2018 performances, a Nefertiti-inspired photo of the singer, the panther icon, and a piece of the American flag on the front. The word "Homecoming" is featured on the back.

4. 04/14 Black Tee

What a glorious and unforgettable image of Beyoncé on a black tee. This top is a gorgeous way to display your fandom for a transcendent artist.

5. Nefertiti Contact Crop

Multiple shots of Bey-as-Nefertiti are featured on this bright orange crop top that can be worn with skinnies, leggings, joggers, or cut-off jean shorts.

6. Wheatpaste Performance Dates Black Tee

This black tee features the names and locations of the Beychella shows with yellow and pink borders on either side.

7. Pink Flag Tank

The muscle tank can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear it with. It's the ultimate layering piece that is also a subtle way to express that you are firmly Team Beyoncé.

There are several additional pieces to shop in this collection, which truly offers something for every level of Beyoncé fan. Bring it "home."