You Can Finally Buy Blue Wine In The U.S. At Long, Long Last

Next time you're feeling blue, you can reach for a wine that matches your mood without having to make a trip across the pond. The ever-so-Instagrammable blue wine is finally coming to the United States more than a year after it splashed onto the scene. As the product of a Spanish company, Gik, the wine was initially only available in Europe, and despite attempts to expand to the United States, regulatory issues delayed its American release. But now, at long last, you can buy blue wine... in certain states. Thirsty beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.

Gik was created by a team of six self-proclaimed creators with no winemaking experience. According to its website, their mission was to create a "radically different product" in the wine industry, and it's safe to say they achieved their goal. The neon-blue wine is made with a base of red and white grapes from vineyards in Spain and France. The color comes from the addition of two pigments: indigo dye and anthocyanin, which is found in grape skin.

According to the New York Times, the company was fined this spring by Spain's Agriculture Ministry for violating wine regulations; apparently, only red or white wine can be sold in markets. Gik was also forced to remove "blue wine" from its labels in Spain. Clearly, though, the kerfuffle hasn't stopped Gik from expanding.

In April, pre-ordering became available for American customers, albeit without an official release date. Now, it's officially bound for the Unites States. According to Eater, the wine will be available at stores in Miami, Boston, and Texas.

Gik cofounder Artiz López told Eater that he is "confident" the company will be able to expand "quite fast" after the upcoming release. It's looking to move into markets in New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, and eventually California and Washington.

In case you're wondering, Gik still tastes like wine, even if it looks like ambrosia from a different planet. Technically, it falls under chilled, sweet white wine, and it has an ABV of 11.5 percent. So while you're posing with your glass of Gik for the Instagram photo, you won't even have to pretend you're enjoying it.

If you live in an area where the company isn't currently looking to expand, you can still pre-order bottles through the Gik website, although an exact shipping date has yet to be announced. Meanwhile, we'll all know the exact moment Gik hits shelves in the United States — Instagram will be, ahem, flooded with blue wine posts.