How To Get Your Hands On Glossier's *Major* New Launch 'Brow Flick' In The UK


A new Glossier makeup or skincare drop always gets beauty fans into a fluster, and so the news that the brand has just dropped an epic new eyebrow product is sure to delight. And this isn't just any new product; it's designed to be used as a sister product alongside Glossier's number one bestselling product Boy Brow. Here's everything you need to know about the new launch, including how to buy Brow Flick by Glossier in the UK.

You're forgiven if you're initially a little confused about this new addition to the line. Don't Glossier already have a brow product? You may be thinking. And isn't there already a mascara named 'Lash Slick?' Well yes (to both), but this guy is a little different, and is designed to be used alongside Glossier's current two lash and brow products.

Brow Slick is essentially a super fine nibbed pen, which has been designed to add extra detail to your brows. While Boy Brow gives a more nonchalant finish to eyebrows, this new pen should be used for a little more slick definition. So yes, you definitely need both (soz).

"Brow Flick adds dimension anywhere your brows feel sparse, need filling, or when you simply want more definition," the brand says about their new product.

But don't worry, you won't be getting an overly glossy finish that's unnatural: "There’s no harsh lines or stencilled finish—Brow Flick’s brush applicator deposits fine, barely-there, featherlike strokes that actually look natural and the sheer formula blends seamlessly with your brows."


Glossier recommends using Brow Flick first, to shape and define brows, and then to finish off the look with a layer of Boy Brow. Tilt the pen slightly downwards, and lightly 'flick' in sparse areas, at the front of brows or the tail end, wherever you'd like a little more definition. This will result in fluffy yet polished eyebrows. Dreamy.


Like its bestselling sister, Brow Flick comes in three shades: blonde, brown, or black, and is impressively water resistant, meaning it's safe for holidays and the like. It is also ophthalmologist tested, dermatologist tested, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, grain-protein-free, nut-free, hypoallergenic. Phew.

As with all of Glossier's products, Brow Slick has a fairly accessible price point that won't set you back too much. At £14, it is fairly affordable, and can also be bought alongside Boy Brow on the brand's website for £25, meaning you save £4. You can of course also buy it separately too.

While I can't wait to try mine, the only slight issue I do see with the new Glossier Brow Slick is the lack of shade range. Excited customers flocked to the brand's Instagram to share their delight at the new launch, but also to explain the three colour options don't necessarily suit everyone.


One Insta user said: "Hi pls come out with a dark brown shade in both," while another commented: "Can you make a lighter blonde color? They look so dark in the pictures."

A third also asked the brand to add more shades, saying, "Could you come out with a dark or ash brown? Brown is not the right shade and black is too dark"

C'monnnn Glossier!