Where To Buy Cover Fx's Illuminating Setting Spray

At this stage in the game, a highlighter's gotta be *something else* to stand out. So with every brand coming out with their own different-but-pretty-similar spin, it takes a real knockout to catch the Internet's attention. Like Cover FX's Illuminating Setting Spray — a hybrid of our near and dear beauty staples, the light-bright setting spray upholds the brand's game-changing highlighter ways. Wouldn't expect anything less from the wizards behind the Enhancer Drops, TBH. Intrigued? Here's where to buy it, because you're gonna wanna see this for yourself.

It's a way of the world that we tend to apply highlighter only on high points, the bread and butter cheekbones, forehead, nose, cupid's bow. We've all seen a YouTube video. This setting spray shakes that concept up, with a mist that combines a natural finish with an dose of gleam. Available at Sephora for $31, the spray carries the all-over theme from their highlighting drops — but where those can mix into foundation and moisturizer for a variable glow, the spray nixes that sometimes time-consuming process and goes straight for the finish.

In theory, that all sounds excellent. In practice, there's the fear of going full-on glitter mess. But based on the early-bird Sephora reviews, it's good — real good (more specifically, the mist is fine enough that the luminizing mica disperses evenly).

Think their Celestial Enhancer drops, toned down sevenfold and with a buildable silver finish.

Unfragranced and alcohol-free, I'm pretty obsessed. It's not the immediate high gleam or holographic finish of the highlighters in the spotlight (heh) recently, but it's easy, quick, and gives skin a sublimely lit lacquer. The only question is whether the Illuminating Spray will give the long-lasting, melds-into-skin finish that great setting sprays deliver, but I've got high hopes.

With Halo dropping just days away on Sephora's website, this could call for a basket twofer. Multitasking, in a sense. It's the Illuminating Spray way.