CoverGirl Dropped 'Game Of Thrones'-Inspired Eyeshadow Palettes To Make You Feel Like A Khaleesi


Game of Thrones is back with its last season, and fans are gearing up to find out who will be the victor in taking the throne. From dragon-riding queens to power hungry usurpers, there are many sides to cheer for. And CoverGirl's Game of Thrones-inspired makeup line will help you cheer for your favorite house in style.

The collection is made out of four makeup palettes, all of which are inspired by royalty. Available exclusively at Walmart, CoverGirl's new palettes capture four different stages of nobility: Ascension, Reign, Overthrown, and Revolution. For those who watch HBO's Game of Thrones, you will know that there are multiple plot lines in the series that follow just those four stages. Constantly. Seeing how the entire show is about a years-spanning battle for the Iron Throne, there is plenty of overthrowing and revolutions.

"Looks Fit for Royalty!" CoverGirl's Instagram announcement reads. "Our 4 new eyeshadow palettes feature intensely pigmented and rich shades that are blendable. Pick them up @Walmart!"

Each eyeshadow palette has 12 pans, giving you a variety of color options to create the perfect regal smokey eye. But as you can guess, each palette has its own specific vibe. So depending on who you want to win in Game of Thrones, you can wear the princessy pastel tones of Ascension, or the fierce and dark hues of Overthrown. Get a closer look of each palette below.

Ascension captures the look of a fairy tale-like princess, where the palette carries shimmery pastels and soft neutral tones. Colors include a metallic silver called "Glass Slipper," a champagne shimmer named "Tulle," and a matte beige called "Curtsy."

Reign has the regal deep colors usually associated with the monarchy. You can expect colors like solid gold, a deep purple, and an intense sapphire blue. The shadow names in the palette also help to capture the vibe of a reigning queen. The palette carries hues like a shimmer copper called "Next of Kin," a metallic mauve called "Power Trip," and a shimmery light green dubbed "Dignified."

Revolution offers fiery colors of red and orange. Seeing how you have to wage war during a revolution, this palette packs plenty of fire power when it comes to its hues. You can expect shades like a berry metallic called "Showdown," a terracotta color called "Ruthless," and a deep gold dubbed "Legend."

Overthrown has the darkest shades in the collection, and the palette mimics the dark connotations that come with overthrowing royalty. You can either be an usurper that's power hungry, or you can be a warrior queen that wants to save the nation from a tyrant. You can channel either persona with this palette. Expect shades like a metallic forest green called "Never Again," a shimmery plum called "Wreckage," and a gunmetal grey called "Vanquished."

There are only a few more episodes left of Game of Thrones. If you want to watch it while having regal-inspired makeup on, you can't do better than this CoverGirl collection. Now just fingers crossed your favorite character survives.