Disney Is Coming Out With Rose Gold Shirts & They’re Glorious

Disney Style/Instagram

There's nothing difficult about finding reasons to love Disney — I mean, it's magical, after all. Recently, though, peoples' love for Disney has translated into more and more Disney-themed merch on the market. From shoes modeled after Disney villians, to engagement rings inspired by Disney princesses, there are Disney-fied options for just about everyone you know (and then some). Of course, for every more over-the-top Disney-inspired accessory, there is something a little more subtle — and, yes, a little more basic, too. Most recently, Disney's new rose gold T-shirts are what every fan is talking about, and can you blame them? Combining super comfy-looking T-shirts with a trendy color and, of course, Disney branding seems like a pretty sure-fire recipe for success.

The style of the newly-announced long-sleeved T-shirts is modeled after the super preppy spirit jerseys that you probably saw (or are currently seeing) on your college campus at some point. They're classic, while still being a little bit trendy. And sure, they may be basic, but who says that's a bad thing? Basic or not, fans seem to be over the moon about the new release, with one fan commenting on Instagram, "Anyone buys this for me I'll pay extra!!" People are about it — and they don't want to miss out. The shirts are rose gold (although, to be fair, some may see salmon, peach, or pink before that particular shade). The letters are sparkly. What more do you need to know?

The Disney Style Instagram account (yes, it's a thing) teased the new T-shirts in an Instagram post on Dec. 9, and fans were pretty excited, so this release is definitely something that has been eagerly anticipated for at least a little while. Announcing the collection in a super cute video posted today, the account wrote, "✨ rose gold everything ✨ these perfect new spirit jerseys are coming to @disneyland, @waltdisneyworld, and @shopdisneyparks soon!"

Granted, no word yet on when the tops will be available or what sizes they'll come in, but with the holidays coming up, it would make sense to see these items hit shelves before Dec. 24.

If you want to get your hands on these styles (and it seems like a lot of people do), looks like you'll have to head online or to a Disney park to snag one. But you might want to keep an extra good watch on when they will be released at said locations, as there is a lot of excitement around this release.

Even Twitter is already getting pumped about the rose gold spirit jerseys, which is how you know a fan base is extra into something — the below tweet from user @Erindelle is particularly relatable.

Adding to the holiday release date theory is tweets like the below, from people clearly searching for holiday gifts for someone special.

Surprised by all the excitement? Then you clearly haven't heard about the aforementioned rose gold Mickey ears before AKA one of the most sought-after Disney accessories of the year.

People were so obsessed with the rose gold ears, they even tried making there own, which you have to admit is a very specific brand of commitment. I'm impressed.

The rose gold spirit jerseys are clearly an attempt from Disney to capitalize on the success over the rose gold ears, and it's a smart move. Basic or not, I'd personally be a big fan of a day spent in a rose gold shirt and rose gold ears — just add in one of those Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels and I will be a happy camper.