This Super Sweet Eyeshadow Palette Was Inspired By Kit Kats

If you spent your childhood breaking off pieces of Kit Kat bars, then you're going to love this latest makeup collab in the beauty world. Etude House launched Kit Kat eyeshadow palettes, and these "box of chocolate inspired" goodies are the perfect thing to get on Valentine's Day. While a box of truffles is a nice indulgence, having a palette that looks like your favorite childhood chocolate is even better.

Etude House is an Asian beauty brand that has been around since the mid-80s, bringing beauty lovers a slew of creative and playful products for decades. And this candy-inspired collaboration keeps the label on-track with that reputation. The collection in question is called the Play Color Eyes #KitKat line, and it offers up two sets each packed with six "crispy and sweet colors."

The first option is the "Original" palette, and it's meant to look like a Kit Kat bar that you would buy at the convenience store. Made with a red case that looks like the iconic candy's wrapper, the color scheme inside is "milk chocolate." The six colors consist of a matte beige hue, a matte caramel tan, a medium brown with gold shimmer, a matte dark chocolate, a shimmery gold hue, and a shimmering red.

While Etude House sells across Asia, U.S. shoppers can also break themselves a piece off of the Kit Kat bar, where the website allows shipping to the States. The palette has a mid-range price tag, where the six hues and quirky collection cost $24. At the moment, the "Original" palette says that it is sold out on Etude House's website, but according to Allure, the palette was meant to be extended to U.S. shoppers by now, and so that "sold out" label might change.

The second palette is as equally delicious, but a little less classic. The quirkier counterpart, Etude House played with a color wheel that was outside of candy's usual brown chocolate colors with its "Strawberry Tiramisu" palette. This particular eyeshadow range allows you to play with peach and brown hues, where it houses a creamy transition shade, a shimmery champagne color, a pinkish red, a shimmery dark brown, a rich matte brown, and a warm light brown.

The Strawberry Tiramisu palette also clocks in at $24, letting you get the whole collection for $48.

One thing to keep in mind when shopping this palette, though, is that it's not full size. According to Insider, the two Kit Kat products are mini kits, and each travel-size palette comes with the added bonus of a Kit Kat makeup pouch and a bar of chocolate that was the inspiration behind the makeup collab.

While definitely out of the box, this isn't the first time that Etude House took a stroll down a convenience store aisle for makeup inspiration. The brand also released a Soft Drink Tint collection last year, where tinted lip glosses were housed in tubes that were inspired by soda bottles. Coming in five different colors, a shopper was able to pick from classic shades like red and pink, or more wild lip tint colors like violet or blue, giving off the look of stained lips from a long pull of a soft drink.

If you want to spice up your makeup collection with a fun novelty item, this new Kit Kat beauty collection is a great pick.