Where To Buy Guard Llama From 'Shark Tank'

Michael Desmond/ABC

The name is catchy yet somewhat perplexing... honestly, what in the world is a Guard Llama? Well, for starters, it's set to be one of the new inventions to be featured on the upcoming episode of Shark Tank — but really, what is it? It's not literally a llama now, is it? Well, it turns out Guard Llama is actually a security device and smartphone app, as opposed to real life llama.

It's an app that comes along with a small, handheld keychain device with a button that, when pushed, will discreetly send your personal information, photo, and GPS location to the Emergency Dispatch System (AKA 911). According to the website, what makes Guard Llama more effective than simply dialing 911 on your cell phone is the fact that it's 3 times faster — and the fact that they'll instantly get your exact location, which is not a luxury your cell phone alone can give them.

Interested in nabbing one for yourself? Guard Llama services are available for subscription through the website. The app alone is $2.95/month, and the app plus keychain device are $9.95/month. They also offer a family plan for 4 people for $29.95, and each subscription is available for a discounted rate if you purchase the whole year.

Michael Desmond/ABC

Interestingly enough, Guard Llama was invented by two college students (Joe Parisi and Adam Havey) after an attack occurred on their campus. When they heard that the victim had her cell phone on her and was still unable to get help, they immediately began brainstorming up a discreet, fast, and accurate way to contact 911 — and thus, Guard Llama was born.

Oh, and as for the name? Well, apparently llamas really do act as guards sometimes, particularly for ranches. They're very protective and loyal, and anyone who's ever gotten on a llama's bad side know that they mean business. So, I guess the main takeaway here is that if you can't have a real llama guarding you, maybe a Guard Llama is the next best thing.

One last thing — if you were feeling a little disappointed that Guard Llama doesn't actually involve real life guard llamas, you can take solace in the fact that entrepreneurs Joseph Parisi and Nick Nevarez will, in fact, be appearing on the show alongside a real llama — presumably for dramatic effect. Now, there's a way to make a statement, isn't it?