This Cult-Fave Sandal Brand Just Came Out With A Way To Wear Your MLB Team Pride On Your Feet

Courtesy of Havaianas

Spring isn't the only season readily upon us. Baseball season is about to start and warm weather means it's prime time for pedicures. What better way to show off your love for your fave Major League Baseball team and your newest nail art than with a fresh pair of Havaianas? The Havaianas x MLB flip flops collab is a fun and fashion-y way to be a fan girl or boy.

The collection, which is the first partnership among the brands, have arrived in conjunction with Opening Day on Thursday, March 29. It features 16 pairs for both men and women and represents 13 MLB teams.

Are you a New York Yankees diehard who can rattle off batting averages and other stats? Or do you root for their crosstown rivals The Mets instead? Love the Los Angeles Dodgers? Or are you partial to the Anaheim Angels? If you pledge your allegiance to any of those teams, you'll be stoked to step into a pair of branded Havaianas.

What's even more awesome about this footwear is that you don't need to fancy any particular MLB team. If you simply love the black and orange colors of the San Francisco Giants, you can rock their flip flops. If you prefer the blue and red motif of the Chicago Cubs but can't name a single played on the roster, you can happily and stylishly wear their version of Havaianas.

The Havaianas x MLB range will be available via the Havaianas site as well as in select stadiums through the summer. Prices start at $24 and go up to $28. There are thick thongs, such as these.

Courtesy of Havaianas

There are also a few pairs with slimmer thongs, like these!

Courtesy of Havaianas

The left beds boast familiar team slogans, while the right beds feature both the team and Havaianas logos.

Courtesy of Havaianas

You can be frolicking at the beach, enjoying a picnic or a walk in the park, or taking in a game for date night. These flip flops are perfectly suited for all of those occasions and more.

Courtesy of Havaianas

These are all of the teams taking flip flop form: Anaheim Angels, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and St. Louis Cardinals.

St. Louis Cardinals
Courtesy of Havaianas

St. Louis Cardinals, $24, Havaianas

It's all about the clever detailing, like the baseball seam weaving through the footbed of the Cards pair.

San Diego Padres
Courtesy of Havaianas

San Diego Padres, $24, Havaianas

There's nothing quite like the mix of team colors and specific sayings in a casual pair of shoes.

Chicago Cubs
Courtesy of Havaianas

Chicago Cubs, $24, Havaianas

If you have a partial season ticket plan at Wrigley Field, you will so want to add these to your arsenal.

Boston Red Sox
Courtesy of Havaianas

Boston Red Sox, $24, Havaianas

You don't need to wear actual socks with these sandals. You simply need to be a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation, yo!

New York Mets
Courtesy of Havaianas

New York Mets, $24, Havaianas

Not all New Yorkers are Yankees fans! Get your Mets on... your feet!

Kansas City Royals
Courtesy of Havaianas

Kansas City Royals, $24, Havaianas

Quick! Someone cue Lorde's smash hit single "Royals," which was inspired by this team.

San Francisco Giants
Courtesy of Havaianas

San Francisco Giants, $24, Havaianas

Nothing shows your team pride like wearing its colors. If you go all out with team gear, well, your shoes can match your shirt or your cap with these flippies.

Pittsburgh Pirates
Courtesy of Havaianas

Pittsburgh Pirates, $24, Havaianas

You can walk the plank with this Pirates pair.

New York Yankees
Courtesy of Havaianas

New York Yankees, $24, Havaianas

If you live for the Bronx Bombers, you gotta grab this edition and wear them every time you attend or watch a rubber match.

Florida Marlins
Courtesy of Havaianas

Florida Marlins, $24, Havaianas

Orange is such a summery color. If you've never even watched a Florida Marlins game, these flippies will still go with so many outfits you already own.

Detroit Tigers
Courtesy of Havaianas

Detroit Tigers, $24, Havaianas

The devil is very much in the details of this pair.

Anaheim Angels
Courtesy of Havaianas

Anaheim Angels, $24, Havaianas

Not all L.A. dwellers have to be Dodger fans. The Angels hold their own.