These Luxurious Face Masks Are Kris Jenner-Approved


From Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian, the famous Keeping Up With the Kardashians siblings are definitely known for their love of beauty. Fans, however, also know that Kris Jenner's beauty game is also on point. That's why you need to know where to buy Knesko masks so you can get a facial just like the Kardashian and Jenner matriarch. Even if you aren't a serial binge watcher of everything Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Knesko Skin is a luxury brand to watch, and if you're looking to treat yourself you can't miss these Kardashian-approved masks.

If you've never heard of Knesko masks, you may have already seen one. On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner decide to get facials together using Knesko masks. Plus, it's not even just the mask that you've seen. Founder of Knesko, Lejla Cas, actually gave the facial to Kris and Caitlyn too.

Beyond the fame of its reality television show appearance, though, Knesko Skin is a company that shouldn't be overlooked. According to their website, Knesko combines science and spiritually to treat the skin holistically. By infusing their masks with gems and minerals, the brand aims to bring nature's powers to your skin care.

If you want to shop the ultra luxe Knesko masks, they're available for purchase online at the Knesko website. As for the price point, they're a bit of a splurge. If you're feeling like pampering yourself, one of the full Nanogold or Diamond Radiance Knesko masks — including face and décolleté — will cost customers $110.

Nano Gold Repair Signature Facial Set, $110, Knesko Skin

The brand does, however, offer other options on their site. If you'd just like Knesko's collagen face masks, you can purchase a pack of four for $150. Once the price is broken down, that's a bit under $38 per mask, which is way more affordable than getting a professional facial at a salon.

Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask (4 Pack), $150, Knesko Skin

If you want to snag a facial like Kris Jenner, head over to the Knesko Skin website. While these masks are pricy, their unique ingredients and holistic and spiritual approach to beauty set them apart and make them totally worth it. Treat yo'self, ladies and gents!