Where To Buy Kristin Cavallari's Adorable Kids Clothing Line

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Over a short two years, Kristin Cavallari's lifestyle brand Uncommon James has grown and flourished exponentially — so much so that she has added two lines to join the original solo jewelry collection, Little James and UJ Home. And if you have a tony person in your life that needs spoiling, you need to know where to buy Little James, because the products — designed by Kristin herself — are too cute for words.

If you watched the April 28 episode of Very Cavallari, you saw Kristin organize the debut marketing campaign for Little James with an adorable holiday pajama-themed photoshoot. She and her crew gathered a bunch of little ones from the ages one to four on her very own farm for a rustic-themed winter concept. And although she was glad to welcome her nephew to model for the shoot, she couldn't help but be slightly sad about the fact that her kids weren't participating.

For the same privacy and security reasons Kristin and her husband Jay don't allow their kids to be on camera for the show, they decided not to include them in public projects for UJ. On the show, Kristin said that she and Jay have both experienced enough bad press to know how to protect them from it. They want them to be able to go public with their identities on their own accord.

However, just because they don't model for the brand, doesn't mean Kristin's kids — Jaxon Wyatt, 4½, Camden Jack, 6½, and Saylor James, 3 — don't have a say in what she creates for Little James.

“I ask their opinions on everything,” Kristin told People. “If they don’t like something, I don’t do it. They’re my fit models too."

The brand features functional, fashionable, and eco-friendly styles in a wide range of sizes including outerwear, bodysuits, overalls, and more. The line also offers unisex styles and accessories like plush toys, blankets, and pillows. According to the brand's site, Kristin saw a "gap" in the kids clothing market, and took it as an opportunity to cater to "the modern mom and her active kids."

“It’s so rewarding for me to have complete creative control,” Kristin said. “And with Little James, the whole point is to marry what parents want their kids to wear and what the kids want to wear.”

If you watch Very Cavallari, you know Little James is available at the flagship Uncommon James store in Nashville, Tennessee, located at 601 9th Avenue South in The Gulch, Nashville's "trendiest new neighborhood," per the UJ site. As seen on the show, UJ also has a pop-up shop at The Grove in Los Angeles, and Little James joined that location beginning on April 1, according to the brand's Instagram. The shop is located at 189 The Grove Drive in L.A "directly in front of the Pacific Theatres at The Grove and The Cheesecake Factory," per the website.

If you're not based in Nashville or L.A., don't fret. You can grab your Little James favs from their online shop, no problem. The site has a frequently updated sale tab and a detailed sizing chart to ensure you choose the right sized garments for your little one. If you do purchase from the sale tab, though, beware that those purchases can't be refunded, per the line's shipping and refund policy. Other than that, the site says the brand will do all it can "to ensure that you are satisfied with every purchase." What are you waiting for?