Where To Buy Labotica Products If You're Looking For A Gentle, Botanical Korean Beauty Brand

I would be lying if I said I discovered Korean beauty on my own. If I didn't have my beauty-loving friends and internet, I would have never found sheet masks, lip masks, and insanely cute and adorably-packaged skin care products. So when another K-beauty skin care line, Labotica, came along, I knew I had to give them a good look.

Owned by major Korean beauty brand Leaders, Labotica is a new brand that is focused on caring for your skin gently using natural botanical ingredients. If you're someone who has quite sensitive skin like I do, then this is definitely a new brand worth looking into.

Labotica is aims to offer a gentle take to cleansing, exfoliating, and revitalizing your skin. Even if you don't have sensitive skin, why not give your face the au natural treatment with products and ingredients straight from the earth? Available online at Leaders Cosmetics USA and ULTA Beauty, you'll find a mild peeling gel, cleansing wipes, sheet masks, cleansing foams, and even a foil mask. Not to mention these products all come in beautiful, clean packaging, so they'll definitely spruce up your vanity and those Top Shelf selfies.

If you're a Korean beauty lover, you'll definitely want to check Labotica out. Here are five products to buy from them now.

1. Peeling Gel

Leaders Cosmetics

Labotica Aqua Tree Mild Peeling Gel, $28, Leaders Cosmetics USA

This peeling gel gently exfoliates, leaving your skin fresh and soft.

2. Foil Mask

Leaders Cosmetics

Labotica Transforming Liquid Foil Mask, $32, Leaders Cosmetics USA

This mask firms and brightens while tightening pores and removing dead skin cells.

3. Lip/Eye Point Remover

Labotica Green Tea Lip/Eye Point Remover, $6, Ulta

These wipes remove stubborn makeup in the most sensitive areas of your face — the eyes and lips.

4. Cleansing Tissue

Leaders Cosmetics

Labotica Bamboo Water Cleansing Tissue, $8.50, Ulta

Remove makeup and dead skin cells while keeping your skin balanced with these wipes. The best part? They're a little big bigger than a normal cleansing wipe!

5. Sheet Mask

Labotica Bamboo Skin Soft Mask, $4, Leaders Cosmetics USA

These soft sheet masks will even out your skin tone and give you major hydration.