Lilly Pulitzer Just Released A Book FILLED With Images From The Brand's 60 Year History

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

For every fashionista out there, there’s a brand to fit all of your moods. Some brands tap into your fierceness, some tap into your girly side, but Lilly Pulitzer x Assouline’s new limited edition 60 anniversary book is one thing that will spark joy and tap into your happy place from your coffee table every morning.

The colorful all-American fashion and lifestyle brand you’ve been entranced by for ages is debuting a coffee table book with Assouline in celebration of Lilly Pulitzer’s 60 anniversary. The book is divid up into five sections, starting with the early days on how the brand was born out of a juice stand in Palm Beach Florida to exploring color and print and discovering the impact the brand has had on resort wear, while making people smile at the sight of its clothes.

Prepare to have the greatest internal conflict of your life, because if you love coffee table books, this one comes in four different mesmerizing prints for the book cover. There’s Viva La Lilly, Lilly’s Pink Bouquet, Cheek to Cheek, and Lilly’s Palm Beach.

Bustle spoke with Lilly Pulitzer CEO Michelle Kelly, who discussed the importance of the commemorative book being published.

“Readers will further discover the rich history behind the brand,” she told Bustle, “the modern evolution of bright, beautiful print and will find themselves inspired by the optimistic, entrepreneurial, and joyful story of the one and only Lilly Pulitzer.”

Elizabeth Kuhner

The above photo, provided exclusively to Bustle, is one of the never-before-seen images you'll find of Pulitzer in the book, in her backyard jungle that she let grow out freely, reflecting the true landscape of the Palm Beach area.

Even if you're someone who's wardrobe remains the same shades of black, you can appreciate the color and details in each of the statement Lilly Pulitzer prints.

The Lilly Pulitzer x Assouline coffee table book offers both a special edition version for $195 and a classic version for $85. Both are already available in various prints in Lilly Pulitzer and Assouline stores, and

Bustle also spoke exclusively with the editor-in-chief at Assouline, Esther Kremer who explained how Lilly Pulitzer's fun and playful mind brought something new and creative to resort wear dresses.

"Lilly Pulitzer is a brand with an unmistakable identity and visual presence," she told Bustle. "The book tells its story, one that feels very modern today, from its introduction of a new shape—the shift dress—as a response to a time and place that called for formality to the drive of its entrepreneurial founder. The timing was right to bring the brand to life."

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

The book contains over 300 pages of anecdotes, history, and unseen photos, showing the evolution of the brand from the early years of '60s silhouettes, the swing dress, and how every LP fitting room has its own signature hand painted print, like the one in the above exclusive photo.

One part of the book even mentions how Jackie Kennedy wore one of the designer's dresses that was made from the material used for kitchen curtains. Pulitzer is quoted that "people went crazy".

Courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

If you need some fashion inspo every now and again, this limited edition coffee table book might do the trick to make you a believer in bold, vibrant patterns.