Where To Buy Lily Collins 'No Filter' Tee So You Can Work Out In Style

Lily Collins has great style on and off the red carpet. And while her red carpet style gets most of the attention, it would be a shame not to admire her superb street style. Sunday Lily Collins wore a 'No Filter' tee as she left the gym in West Hollywood, and it was the epitome of post-workout goals.

Now, when I leave the gym, I usually look like I got dressed in the dark the way my shoes, jacket and leggings clash, but maybe I should take a cue from Collins and keep it simple with a cheeky tee and coordinating leggings.

Click Here To Buy No Filter Loose Tee, $44, Suburban Riot

Collin's 'No Filter' tee is by Sub_Urban Riot and costs $44, making it accessible for most people, unlike Dior's 'We Should All Be Feminists' tee that is a cotton t-shirt like all other cotton t-shirts and costs $700 (although now they will be donating a portion of proceeds to Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation).

Collin's paired her no filter tee with subtly sexy sheer leggings and a pretty standard pair of sneakers, while also wearing little — if any — makeup, making the sentiment from her t-shirt ring true. Not that Collins needs a filter anyway. She looks positively radiant post-gym.

You can buy the shirt for yourself at suburbanriot.com.

Courtesy of Sub_Urban Riot

No Filter Loose Tee, $44, Suburban Riot

Brb, wearing this shirt and no makeup every day.