This Zodiac-Inspired Crystal Nail Polish Has Signature Shade For Each Sign

It's easy to blame things like retrograde and eclipses when your life is momentarily in shambles. Seeking out your daily horoscope and conducting in-depth analyses of star signs helps you make sense of things. But simply put, it's fun to better understand yourself, and Love by Luna's Mystic Mani collection featuring Zodiac-inspired nail polish is here to send each sign its own blend of positive vibes.

Polish to step up your nails and balance out all your negative quirks is kind of freakishly cool. With each polish made to cater to every sign's needs, there's a different micronized crystal infused in the polish to encourage healing and personal growth.

The collection features some serious stones to complement the signs. Some are for emotionally-balancing, others for enhancing peace and even to prioritize self-love over pleasing others. Are you a believer yet?

The polishes are priced at $18, but you'll undoubtedly purchase your sign's blend first, if not any of the other lavish colors. To make this already cool and weird polish more awesome, it's vegan and cruelty free. The collection also comes in a selection of jewel tones, some warm tones and even pastels, so there's slim room to go wrong with any of these colors on your fingertips.

Read on to find out how your Zodiac blend works for you.

Aries & Red Jasper

The Aries polish uses Red Jasper, representing the fire in this star sign. Its calming effects chill out any Aries' hot tempered nature, encouraging them to think before they act.

Taurus & Selenite

This plush pink color is fit for a Taurus. The Selenite stone is powerful enough to shake the ways of a Taurus' stubbornness, clearing and cleansing the mind to unblock personal growth.

Gemini & Jade Serpentine

Get this minty green polish for the Gemini in your life this season. Formulated with Jade Serpentine, its emotionally balancing powers settle the mixed moods in this sign.

Cancer & Moonstone

This pale baby blue for intuitive Cancers is combined with Moonstone to emotionally balance and heal the sign to reconnect with its own genuine feelings after being drained from recognizing other signs' distress.

Leo & Tiger's Eye

A red gem color for Leos is shared with the stone of abundance and integrity, this Tiger's Eye infused polish helps ground the impulses of Leos while finding a balance in self empowerment vs. power over others

Virgo & Amazonite

The combination of this nude millennial pink shade with Amazonite to help ease any unnecessary stress for Virgos.

Libra & Rose Quartz

Love by Luna described this as a ballet slipper pink and the shoe definitely fits. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and teaches to treat oneself rather than always treating others.

Scorpio & Obsidian

This detox crystal, Obsidian, in this described midnight blackish blue helps Scorpios to unveil truth in order to clear the mind of previous traumas.

Sagittarius & Citrine

In this warm wine shade for the Sagittarius sign, Citrine, a stone of manifestation, is infused to help any Sag to turn dreams into reality.

Capricorn & Garnet

This dark oxblood is strictly for Capricorns. The more coats you apply, the deeper and darker the look. The time Capricorns spend on their works, Garnet makes sure they don't go into overtime.

Aquarius & Amethyst

Amethyst rocks that you gather from your nearest Urban Outfitters is infused into the lives of the Aquarius. It encourages better problem-solving, looking at all sides of a situation before taking action.

Pisces & Fluorite

For a Pisces, this dreamy shade to reflect their personality comes in pastel lilac for the sign with big imagination. The balancing stone, Fluorite helps this sign to stay organized, concentrated, and decisive from their dreamy minds.

Maybe now you believe in the power of crystals because on some level, you can relate to the Zodiac polish powers. And if you're not a believer, definitely think about grabbing one for that astrology-obsessed friend of yours.