Where To Buy 'Love Island' 2018 Merchandise So You Can Be The Envy Of Your WhatsApp Group


Happy Love Island day, everyone! Tonight, the fourth series of the hit dating show returns, giving us all a reason to cancel our plans for the next two months. Now that the show's mania has well and truly overtaken the country, it's fully OK to accept you're obsessed, and if you're anything like me you'll wondering where to buy Love Island 2018 merchandise.

Just like last year, the series has its own official online merch store selling those water bottles plus a whole host of new items including phone cases and wash bags. If you'd like your wardrobe to show off your addiction, Primark has just the ticket. The high street brand is an official partner of Love Island, meaning it has been given free rein to produce an entire collection. Containing everything from swimwear and bumbags to key-rings and photo frames, Primark has pulled out all the stops this summer.

Your beauty regime can also get villa-inspired this summer. Rimmel will be kitting all the islanders out with makeup and more and are giving us mere mortals a chance to get in on the action. Its transfer tattoos are being sold exclusively in Superdrug and are the ideal way to show off your love for the show (but subtly, duh).

The obsession with Love Island merchandise has already kicked in. On Twitter, you can't escape people bragging about their goods.

Stay tuned for more slogan tees with this year's best lines. But for now, here's all of the merch you can buy for this year's series.

Water Bottle

Official Love Island Water Bottle

Love Island Shop

Where it all began. The see-through water bottle was made famous by the Love Island contestants and became the series' first piece of merchandise. It was made all the more enticing thanks to a personalisation feature which lets you add your name in pink, orange, or blue. Can I get one of each or is that too much?

Phone Case

Official Love Island Phone Case

Love Island Shop

Do I want a phone case with my name written in neon pink lettering? You bet I do. Designed in a similar style to the official water bottle, this phone case can be made for pretty much any smartphone out there and will be used by this year's islanders. The struggle of remembering people's names will be over if this trend takes off.

Wash bag

Official Love Island Wash bag

Love Island Shop

It's unclear whether the islanders will be gifted with a personalised wash bag of their very own but it's pretty likely. Even if these babies don't appear on your TV screen, why wouldn't you want this in your bathroom?


Official Reversible Love Island Wristband

Love Island Shop

The last time I wore a wristband was in school but I am seriously considering purchasing one of these white-and-pink accessories. One side states you're single and the other officially confirms your coupled up relationship status. For £1, it's a bargain.


Love Island Bumbag


Primark's collection features an entire holiday's worth of clothes. There are camis and stripy tees, hoodies telling people not to talk to you until the series is over, pyjama sets, swimsuits, flip-flops, and even a travel pillow. For the ultimate fan move, buy this bumbag that states your life goals for all to see.

Transfer Tattoos

Rimmel Love Island Summer Tattoo Transfers


OK, so these metallic beauties are guaranteed to be left lying around in the villa. You can either buy the alphabet version and create your own words or go for an effortless holiday vibe with the flower and pineapple-filled pack.

Makeup Bag

Love Island Makeup Bag


Superdrug have released an entire collection of Love Island products. The transparent makeup bags are a budget-friendly way to get in on the hype. With slogans such as "on point" and "sassy", you'll find it hard to resist.

Face Gems

Love Island Glitter Face Gems


One night, the islanders will stick these gems on their face. And you will regret missing out on buying these. Yes, you may only wear them for your own entertainment but who cares?

Instead of letting everyone else have all the fun, give into temptation and buy a water bottle. You know you want to.