Where To Buy Scented M.A.C. Fix+

by Rachel Nussbaum

It's no showy highlighter or ~influencer-ordained palette, but sometimes the best things are just OGs with a fun, exciting twist. Case in point: the new M.A.C. scented Fix+, available on Thursday in three fresh scents. The spray is a go-to among makeup artists and casual users alike, because it does so much, really well. From prepping and hydrating skin pre-foundation, to intensifying eyeshadow, to taking away powderiness for that ultimate skin finish, it's a staple — and for a limited time, it's here in coconut, rose and lavender Fix+ scents. Wondering where to buy M.A.C.'s LE Fix+ scents? Get clickin' ASAP, because Reddit doesn't think they'll be here for long.

Just a quick scroll of the r/MakeupAddiction sub shows people ruing the day they missed the Fix+ scents' last showing, and a comeback date beyond this sale isn't yet in the cards. So if you're intrigued, time's a-wastin': M.A.C.'s website, Nordstrom, and Macy's are selling the $12, travel-sized sprays as of now.

Spritzes are the hot new category these days, with GlamGlow dropping their Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray, Cover FX their Illuminating Setting Spray, and Marc Jacobs' Coconut Setting Mist coming soon, but the Fix+ remains a classic because the ~sensory add-ons~ are just a bonus (although, let it be said: such a good bonus).

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray, $31, Sephora Marc Jacobs Coconut Setting Mist, $39, Sephora

M.A.C. Sized To Go Prep + Prime Fix+ In Rose, $12, Nordstrom

According to the brand's description, "vitamins and minerals give your skin an instant boost of moisture," while green tea, chamomile and cucumber soothe, and the mist formula refreshes, as liquids tends to when you spray them on your face à la portable amusement park mister.

M.A.C. Sized To Go Prep + Prime Fix+ In Coconut, $12, Nordstrom

The new takes offer a "delicious twist with the introduction of fragrances that offer all of the benefits of the original formula," with the smell of coconut, lavender, and the least-granny rose smell this side of Sephora.

M.A.C. Sized To Go Prep + Prime Fix+ In Lavender, $12, Nordstrom

Over on Reddit, the only lament is that the scents are limited to travel size. As is, commenters write that they're buying multiples to sustain their stock. Part of M.A.C.'s Work It Out collection, they'll be here until they're gone — after that, it's anyone's guess when they'll be back.

Images: Courtesy of Brand