This McDonald's Big Mac T-Shirt Is Actually So Cute

McDonald's is stepping into the fashion arena, and their line is shockingly cute AF. It's not just baggy merch T-shirts that you earmark to sleep or clean in — the McDonald's Big Mac T-shirts will have you wearing them out and about, with zero shame.

Before we launch in to where to buy them, can we first talk about how amazing it is that all these chains are starting to branch out into the beauty and fashion world? First we were treated to Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuit Lip Balm, and now we can rock french fries on our hats. Bliss.

According to Teen Vogue, the fast food chain teamed up with Japanese brand Beams to create a line of merchandise that revolves around their signature french fries and buns. The collection branches out into a wide array of products, including red baseball caps with retro-like burgers embroidered across them, super-sized burger totes, branded phone cases, quirky pyramid-shaped wristlets that look like burgers, and — the best part — There's something so retro and normcore about these pieces that you can't help but want them for your wardrobe.

Burger Tee, $35, Rakuten

A classic white tee with a cartoon burger on the pocket, and "Since 1968" printed right above it.

Burger Wristlet, $35, Rakuten

Just imagine the flair this clutch would bring to your look.

Big Mac Tote, $35, Rakuten

Or how about carrying all of your groceries or books in this rad Big Mac tote. So stylish, so unusual, so McDonald's.

So now that we have established that the Golden Arches are basically the next Gucci, where can you get that rad Big Mac t-shirt? It might be a little tricky since you'll have to act fast. Right now they're only available online at the Japanese online store Rakuten, which ships internationally. But there's a catch attached to this whole deal. "There's only 300 of each item available, so you know this collection is going to go quick. Needless to say, if you're a Big Mac-lover, we suggest you jump on this deal, stat," Teen Vogue reported. If you want to rep cheeseburgers this summer with your warm weather style, now is your chance — act fast!